Care tips for a new Speedy 35 owner:)

  1. Hey, guys, I was hoping you could give me your care tips/suggestions/warnings about how to care for my new Speedy 35...I just got it a week ago, and I looooove how the light leather looks. How can I keep it from getting a medium/dark patina? I have read threads about shining monkey and appleguard...could someone elaborate? Thanks!:smile:
  2. Congrats! I am thinking of purchasing this bag.. is there any way you could post pics holding it? Just so I can get an idea of the size.. thank you! Can you fit a lot in it?
  3. Thanks DayDreamBeliever...great song, by the way!! LOL. I am going to put pics of my Speedy up as soon as my dad gets a free minute to show me how to take the pics from our digital camera and transfer them onto the computer...I am somewhat computer challenged in that area!!! Sometime this week/weekend I will try and have him help me, though:yes:

    The 35 is a great size for me...however, I am 5'10" tall so it does not look gigantic on me. It holds ALOT--right now, I have my large Coach dayplanner, keys, the deck case that holds the face plate for my car's new stereo, my Coach checkbook wallet, my cosmetics pouch, and my Juicy Sidekick II. There is still TONS of room left in the bag. Thanks for the link, by the are awesome!!:lol:
  4. Couturegrl, congrats on your purchase! Does the bag sag w/ all the things you have put in it? I've read so much about the sagging, and am curious. Can't wait to see how it looks in your pics.:smile:
  5. Yup it definitely does sag with that stuff in it...however, I do not mind the look but if you do, you can always stuff something in the bottow like cardboard or whatever:smile: I will try to have my dad help me post pics ASAP;)
  6. congrats on your new bag! it's such a great size!
  7. glad i could help :amuse:
    Do you think the bag would be big enough to fit school notebooks in? I am a college student and was thinking of using this bag for my things.. not textbooks, but like notebooks, pens etc
    i HATE carrying actual backpacks!
  8. Yeeeees.....I think it could carry a notebook...however, it could not carry a notebook flat--it would have to curve somewhat...does that make sense??? Kinda like how you fold a magazine up to put it into your bag.