Care Tags

  1. Those of you that buy the H-Scarves, do you remove the care tags or do you just live with them attached to the scarves and try your best to fold them somewhere hidden while wearing? Does removing them make the scarf less valuable if one should wish to part with the scarf later?
  2. I leave all my care tags on although I'm thinking about removing the one on my STUNNING (thank you, Mrssparkles) mousseline scarf because the silk is so fine that its really hard for me to hide it within the folds.

    Otherwise, I buy vintage scarves without the tags and it doesn't bother me. I don't know if that makes them less valuable though....hmmmmmm...
  3. I leave the tags alone. They don't bother me at all.
  4. I just leave the tags on and fold the scarves with the tags hidden.
  5. The scarf fakes are getting better and better. So if you have any intention to resell your scarves, leave the tag on, as it is another point of authentication for buyers.

    Personally, I like to leave them on because about 75% have the roulloteusses' identification mark on them. I think it's a nice touch.
  6. What is the roulloteusses?
  7. I have always left the tag on mainly because I was afraid to harm the scarf in any way.
  8. The rolled hem is called a roullote, and them woman who rolls them is called a roulloteusse.
  9. where is their mark located on the scarf?
  10. ^^^^^^Their mark, which is not on every scarf, is usually a number or a letter that is found off to the side of the care tag. On today's tags, it is usually found on the underside, on the portion that is folded over.
  11. ditto
  12. Wow HG thanks - I am going to go look at all of my scarfs.

    How does everyone store their scarves? In the original box, hanging, folded on original folds?
  13. i leave mine on. i just try to fold and twisting them placing the tag inside invisibly!
  14. This is very true and acurate information. That's why I leave my tags on. All my mothers vintage scarfs have the care tags still attached to them. It doesn't take the value away from the scarf but it's harder for someone to authenticate