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Care tag information


Oct 19, 2006
Someone said that the care tag on a scarf identifies the person who hemmed it, I think? Is that right? I see a little symbol after the iron symbol. Is that it?


Show Me The Orange!
Jun 17, 2006
Europe. Central.
Not really.
On the older care tags, the longer ones, you can sometimes find numbers or letters. There has been a rumour that these letters or numbers identify the roulleteuse (lady who handstitches the hem) and that only the most senior roulleteuses are allowed their own 'labelled' tags. I haven't seen this rumour confirmed, nor denied neither. I haven't seen any letters/numbers on the new short care tags, though...


Feb 18, 2006
au delà des cinq mers
No one has to agree with me, IMHO the whole roulotteuse story is an urban myth that has a life of its own. :tdown: Someone heard it from an SA and everyone now believes it.

My reason for disbelieving this story is that the letters A, B , P & M keeping popping up on everybody's scarves as if 4 ladies sewed half of the scarves on this planet. And there is something like a million new scarves a year...

Well, that's my story and I sticking to it LOL :yes:

PS there are letters underneath the new shorter tags - but you have to look under the tag to see them


Orange crush
Feb 12, 2006
Le Monde Hermes
I'm trying to find the post, but in October a few members went to a scarf event in SCP and this question was asked of the gentlemen doing the Hermes scarf demonstration. I believe they did acknowledge that it did identify the hem roller.