Care question - suede nubuck

  1. I was wondering how difficult you guys think it would be to care for suede nubuck? Some of the newer YSL have this type of leather...particularly in the embossed style. I've seen it for the Catwalk and Capri flap. I just love that greyish color, and have been thinking about it, but not sure how to care for it.

  2. Yes I'll like to know too..experts please advise! :flowers:
  3. I know I have been wondering that too. I think I might spray my bag with Collonil Nanopro....I don't yet if I am brave enough. I think I might spray the inside of the flap to try it out. I will let you know.

    As we are on the topic of caring for our bags, what do you do with you other bags? I have yet to treat my deerskin Downtown and I am a bit unsure what to use. At YSL they told me I will not need to treat it at all, but I dont really think that is a realistic option in the long run. So far I am only taking it out on sunny days, but quite frankly in Lndon that really limits my options.
  4. I use Vectra to waterproof my bags, but so far I have only done it on my Balenciagas. The only YSL bag that I have sprayed Vectra on is my Mombasa, but I always test the product on a small corner of the bag first before spraying the whole thing.