Care question for Bottega Veneta

  1. I just bought the BV ball bag in chocolate and I'm not sure if and how to treat her. I'm a bit anxious to use Apple garde spray or the pre-treatment of LMB. So what are your experience with leather care on this bags? I know that they've a very delicate leather and I'd love to carry her through winter but I'm scared that e.g. snow will leave permanent marks/stains on her.
    So please ladies, advice:smile:
  2. OMG Tanja! You didn't!!!! Please post pics so I can drool over it *squeal*!!!!!

    OH, BTW, sorry can't help with your care question. POST PICS!!!!!
  3. Here we go. I love this bag for ages and today I thought: Screw it just go for it. I sold my Edith without any loss and I needed a replacemnt in brown. Edith wasn't for me and she just sat in my closet without getting any attention.
    The leather of the BV is TDF. I never felt so soft leather even softer than Balenciagas. I jus adore and love her:heart: :love: The colour is like on the first pic, a dark and rich chocolate.
    BV 003.jpg BV 009.jpg
  4. Such a pretty bag (and the room behind you looks really nice too - great color!). Congrats and enjoy it! Sorry I can't help with your question - maybe email Barbara at lovin my bags? She's very helpful and would know just what to use on it to protect it.
  5. :drool: Drooling over your new bag. BV's leather is incredible. I've never put protectant on my BV's and they've been fine, but I never got a lot of snow on them. Rain doesn't seem to bother them.

    Waiting for an expert to come along with advice for us Bottega addicts.
  6. I can't stop touching it because it feels incredible. If rain doesn't bother them that#s good news because it rains a lot here in autumn and spring, probably snow wouldn't harm then either. I'm just so scared because it's my first BV and my most expensive bag so far and I don't want to ruin it or leave it in the closet for another six months. Thanks for all the sweet comment.
  7. I have the BV woven campana style in chocolate brown and it's my favorite as well- the leather has seduced me into a full Bottega love affair. I had this same question and talked with the people at Bottega Veneta in San Francisco about two weeks ago. They said that a light spraying with a fabric protectant from a distance is fine (which I did-no problems) and they also said that you can use the paste kind, which they preferred. I was too scared to do that though! Go on line and look up a Bottega store near you and talk directly with someone in sales, I'm sure this is a common question. The leather, as soft and "delicate" as it seems, is suppose to last forever! BTW- I have my sights on a ball bag as well-congratulations:nuts:
  8. Tanja I love your BV! It's so pretty. :heart:

    I just purchased a BV too (suppose to arrive this week) and plan on putting some LMB or Apple on it. I kept on reading about how awesome the leather is on BV so I had to buy one and find out what all the hype is. ;)
  9. It's gorgeous! :heart:


    I find the main problem with my BV is that the colour transfers really easily.

    Luckily for me, I usually wear black and darker colours, so it hasn't stained my clothes; but because my bag is two colour, the black dye has smudged onto the red leather a little.

    I haven't treated mine and I've been out in the rain (and even snow) with it and it's fine. :yes:
  10. congratulations on a gorgeous bag!.. from what i know bv's bags made to last forever.. i dont think the leather can be damaged easily!.. i dont recommend you put anything on them UNLESS it was recommended by BV SA as Marly stated.
  11. I asked them in the BC shop here and she said that she wouldn't recommend to pu anything on it but actually she didn't strike me as the most infomed SA in the world. But as chloe said that she didn't treat hers and she lives in the same climate as I do I guess I'm fine without putting anything on it, too. The SA told me about the colour transfer so I better don't wear with my white suite, the rest of my cloths are rather dark so there isn't any problem. I never had such a nice leather bag even DH and my son loves it. My son and me were touching her the whole time while DH read the badtime story, we just couldn't keep our hands off of her lol. Yeah we're a lil weird some times:yes:
    Thanks for the nice comments, ladies:smile:
  12. Congrats on the great bag - it looks great on you, and BV has such wonderful leather! I don't have any other suggestions, but just wanted to say congrats!
  13. Congrats! It is a fabulous bag! I have a ball bag in hazelnut. I haven't treated it with anything and it's been fine.