Care of Snakeskin/Python Skin & Suede Handbags

  1. Do you have any recommendations for taking of suede and snakeskin handbags? I sprayed a protectant on my Suede handbag, is there anything else you all recommend?

    For the snakeskin bag, I haven't seen any threads on care of snake skin or python skin. I read how people say it becomes dry/flaky in humidity, but what product(s) can we put on it to make it last? Can we use similar sprays made for suede/nubuck leather or...?

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. I personally just pack my snakeskin bag in its sack everynight when i come home,and i don't use it on a long day to prevent the skin from flaking.Haven't tried the sprays though.
  3. Make sure it's stored someplace dry. I can't remember what else the care card from Coach said but I definitely remember that part.
  4. i would very interisted in how to take care of snakeskin. got my firt snakeskin purse today! :smile: as i look at it i note some little flaws and get paranoid. :--D
  5. there are some conditioners out there for python and snakeskin - I can't think of the brand right now but most good shoe repairs will sell one. As for suede, I haven't come across anything that really works yet - much to my dismay - I ruined a gorgeous tan Balenciaga suede bag a couple of months ago....