Care of Prada leather

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  1. Hi there,

    Was wondering if you ladies could help me - I have a fab tan coloured leather Prada bag and the leather has begun to feel a bit dry :confused1: Was just wondering if there is a recommended oil or something that I could apply to it to nourish the leather?

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Post a picture. What type of leather is it? There are good products for hydrating parched leather, but need to know what you've got first.
  3. this happens alot the leather begins to look dry well u can increase your bags "life expectancy" by purchasing coach leather moisturizer (its great) or a leather waterproof spray once a month is fine :smile:
  4. I've used the Coach leather moisturizer and it made the leather feel sticky and greasy. On this forum someone recommended Apple Leather care and I am so glad I tried it. It softens and cleans and made the leather look like new! It was so much better than the Coach. You can get it at and it is on sale until the 15th. use the promo code "summer sale" and get 20% off!:yes:

  5. Leather CPR is really good for moisturizing. I use it on my Hermes bags and just love it! :tup:
  6. Hey there - thanks all for your prompt response - will take a picture this evening and post it tomorrow. Thanks agan, Malachick
  7. What about protecting the color, and leather anyone have recommendations? I have a antic cervo. (I live in Florida and it is humid and rains alot!):confused1::sweatdrop:

  8. Antic cervo is a multi-step dye process. I had a hobo and a wallet in this leather treatment. I wouldn't recommend putting anything on it since it is a dye treatment versus a solid color.

    This is tacky, but it is effective: stick a small plastic bag (like a grocery bag) in your bag and if you get caught in a sudden downpour (Hi Florida!), then either drop your bag in it or turn the plastic bag upside down (sort of like an umbrella) and pull it down over the bag. I'll take a few minutes of "tacky" over damage to my bags any day. :yes:
  9. Prada Psycho, thanks! I would do that! :tup: did yours get discolored at all, why did you get rid of it if u don't mind my asking.
  10. I've always wondered how do you know what kind of leather a bag is. Would the authenticity card give a clue? Also, is there 1 leather cleaner that would pretty much take care of all kinds of leather bags or would one need to purchase different types of cleaners?

  11. Just sold them to move on to something else. My handbag collection is VERY fluid! ;)

  12. Not the authenticity card necessarily, though they can. The best evidence is the trifold care card that comes with them. Unfortunately when you buy a used bag, you don't always get the tri-fold card.

    If there's a particular bag you have that you're wondering about, post a pic here and I'll give it a shot on IDing the leather for you. ;)
  13. I'm in the 'Tacky' club. ;)
    I'll rather look like a bag lady than get my bags wet.
  14. to linpaddy and pradapsycho:

    you guys are HARDCORE dedicated to your bags! i'm so amazed...
    *bows, and is not worthy of your bag queen-ness* :amazed:

    i know up north where i live in canada, it's HELLA dry. i need some moisturizer for my bags too...

    Prada Psycho and all - thanks for offers of help - I am not so hot at this so I hope you can see the bag is attached. Thanks all for your help. Sarah