Care of ostrich leather??

  1. I was wondering if those of you have the ostrich in anything know if they take more care or less? How tough is this?? Is it okay in weather? Thanks so much!:love:
  2. I don't have one but I've heard of others who have ostrich say that it is very durable in all weather and holds the shape of the bags very well. They also say that ostrich develops a patina or sheen that make it even nicer ... but this takes a very, very long time to happen.

    I've also heard of scratches, but not so much like the box and barenia.

    My SA said that ostrich is one of the best leathers ever.
  3. I have ostrich bag from Ferragamo new s/s 2006 but I don't really know how to care of the leather :lol: since so far I haven't had a need to do that. I agree with La Van about the ostrich and that is why I love it plus it is very light compare to other reg leather bag! Just love it!

    Maybe other member will share their knowledge about how to take care of ostrich leather.. ladies..
  4. I was told that there is no general rule to look after the leather, no polishes etc. It truly is lovely!
  5. This is an OLD thread........LOL!!!! I love when these oldies but goodies pop up again....
  6. I LOVE my ostrich Kelly. So far very easy to maintain. However, the SA said that I should be careful in the sun as the color (graphite) can fade.
  7. Sun can fade it & oils from one's hands can darken the handles. Otherwise, ostrich is wonderful - lightweight, durable in lots of weather (tho I would not use it in a downpour) & so nice to carry.
  8. Ostrich is stunning, but yes hand oils do darken the skin... I found beautiful finely crocheted handle covers in Bangkok - wish I had bought more - they are perfect on my ostrich bags.
  9. if the handles really darken over time, can H replace the handles for you? or are we pretty much suggested to always use twillys on the handles for ostrich?
  10. I heard that ostrich will have wrinkle look on it after use, is it ture?
  11. no --i have seen old ostrich it typically does not wrinkle. the worst fact about ostrich is that it fades --significantly--in the sun and exposure to certain lighting. sometimes you will even see pieces in the store where the inside is a little darker than the outside.
  12. H can replace the handles, but then the "new" ostrich handles might look lighter compared to the rest of the bag. The H Spa can give you a better idea about the results on your bag depending on color & overall condition of the ostrich.

    I don't use twillies & my handles are darker. They were dark within the first year. I don't mind. I think it gives the bag a nice patina. I don't understand the point of twillies wrapped around the handles if you never get to see the condition of the handles.
  13. In my case my birkin is fuschia and is wonderful but I do have to wear it with twillys on the handles because they do tend to darken up and no water no oils or products but I have found ostrich to be the best skin ever as it is also my preferred exotic wonderful choice ostrich hope it helps .birkel.
  14. I have recently bought an ostrich H agenda from my birth year (1986) and it really looks like it was bought yesterday, even though it was clearly used by the seller on a regular basis. I love ostrich, it seems really resilient :yes:
  15. Ostrich does not wrinkle / crease over time.

    The times when I see creases on ostrich, the bags are fakes.