Care of my new White Legacy Leather Slim Tote??

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  1. I got my NEW Legacy Leather Slim Tote in white today and it is SO beautiful but I am of course afraid to use it. I have the natural color as well and it looks more beautiful the more it's used but I don't think that will be the case with the white. So, does anyone have one that they've been using?

    1.) How long have you been carrying?
    2.) Does it look good even when used?
    3.) Can you get any tiny black marks off with a baby wipe?

  2. Ok, lemme get this straight...

    You have TWO Legacy leather slim totes? How awesome!:yahoo:

    Ok, back to business..

    I just got my slim tote in Natural not long ago and haven't had much opportunity to carry it. I'm also waiting to get some shining monkey or appleguard to use on it.

    Maybe some of the ladies who have the white ali/hippie/shoulder tote could give some advice since I think they are all the vachetta leather?

    I've heard that unscented baby wipes are good to use to clean surface stains.

    Good luck!
  3. Oh, one more thing...

    Can you post pics of these? I bet a lot of tpf ladies would love to see them!;)
  4. i have the white one, too. honestly, i don't think it's nearly as hard to take care of as people think. the legacy leather is pretty resilient. just watch for jeans transfer and stuff.
  5. Kallison, did you keep yours? i thought that you returned it. I returned mine because I thought it might be too hard to keep clean. But now I am wondering if that was a mistake.

  6. You must buy it back, it is SO beautiful in person!!!
  7. I'll post picks as soon as I get a moment alone at home - I can just hear my three year old telling Daddy "Mommy was taking pictures of all of her purses today". Yes I have two but I have a tendancy to spoil myself as much as I spoil everyone around me and I'm one of those "I must have one in every color" freaks!
    Plus yesterday at the Optometrist a totally adorable mother and daughter were oohing and aahing over my natural slim tote and it just made me make up my mind to keep both. (Sorry for being long winded!)
  8. oh, i know it's gorgeous irl! trust me :P but i returned it for another reason, not because it was white.

    i still the the only thing to be concerned about with the white legacy is color transfer.:yes:
  9. I think it's fantastic that you spoil yourself; moms don't do that NEARLY enough! I'm the same way--I take a long time trying to find something I love and then I buy it in several colors! Glad to hear I'm not nuts!:P