Care of Monogram Canvas, NOT vachetta

  1. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on careing for the Monogram Canvas. There is lots of info. for the vachette (sp?) leather but none for the canvas itself. What do you wipe the canvas with if you spill something like lotion on it or if it gets dirty? Any special care or tips? How do you care for your accessories and wallet?
  2. Well most of the time it just wipes clean with a damp cloth :yes:
  3. I do use leather conditioner on it, though I know it's not necessary. It just makes the canvas feel soooo I use it anyway!
  4. I read about vinylex on this forum, and I ordered some online, from the Lexol website. It cleans the canvas and provides some UV protection, and protects against fading, cracking, etc. It is really nice for tired looking older bags, and it made my mono Alma from eBay look really fresh and beautiful.
  5. I do what Rebecca does- rub with a damp cloth (or, in my less sophistocated moments, saliva and a thumb :p :roflmfao: )
  6. I use baby wipes.
  7. LOL! I've had non-sophisticated moments too.
  8. Has anyone had any problems with the monogram of damier canvas? Like print wearing off or other damage to the canvas?
  9. Use a damp cloth or baby whipe.
  10. wipe clean with a damp cloth.. nothing special.
  11. ALCOHOL-FREE baby wipes or a slightly damp cloth.
  12. On the corners the print won't stay especially on big bags that get bashed around a lot and tucked into places. It won't be noticeable though unless you look really close.
  13. one of the things i love aabout the canvas is how easy it is to care for. baby wipes, saliva, water, it all works!!! and- good as new!