Care of matte alligator bag (Mauro Governa)


Jan 6, 2008
Since it's highly unlikely that I'll be acquiring a croc Birkin any time soon, I was excited to find this, um... tribute in muted red matte alligator by Mauro Governa in a local consignment shop. I love matte alligator for it's low-key luxuriousness (love high gloss croc & gator, too!). I'm really not sure what I should use for general care and conditioning that will preserve the original color. I'm concerned about the skins going darker -- perhaps unevenly -- from applying the wrong product. My other matte alligator bag (Suarez) is jet black and easy to care for. TIA for any input on this! :heart:

She's a bit slouchy... I may purchase an Original Club organizer to help support her shape.

Nov 29, 2016
Are you still out there? How has it faired in the last 2 years.
Can you tell me more about your Suarez? I saw a small handheld Suarez croc recently but had never seen that brand before. Is it a good brand?