care of M by MJ tote...

  1. hi girls, new to posting here on the MJ forum (I lurk here usually)..

    anyway, my problem is that I have an M by MJ black leather tote that I've noticed is starting to fade on the part that makes contact with my hip when I carry it (the leather is fading, that is, in case that wasn't clear).. is there anything I can do about this? I love my bag and I don't want it to be ruined! :sad: (I've only had it since May of 07 and alternate it w/my LV and a few other bags..) the name of the bag is Totally turnlock Faridah.. but not the one that is currently available on, it's slightly different..

    thanks so much girls :yes:
  2. aww i dont really know what you would be able to do about it. sounds like the leather is just wearing away from normal use. i guess you could not carry things that are too heavy. if you keep books and stuff in it maybe the edges of them are wearing the leather away.
  3. You might want to start using a leather protector. I know it's a bit late but still..