Care of Leather Carly- mine has no card

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  1. Does anyone have the care card for the leather carly and can you please let me know what it says. I know for sure that there have been alot of you on here that used the apple on the carly but I am just curious if it says to condition it or not.
  2. I would say do nothing, its treated leather. Use it and love it. I have a chili and have done nothing to it.
  3. I have owned both the chocolate and chili Carlys, and am awaiting my slim blue Carly, and I Appled them regularly and will continue to do so with my new bag. The Carly leather is the silkiest - love it!!
  4. I wasn't going to do anything to mine. But I took it with me on vacation to Florida, and when I got back it looked kinda dry. I decided to use the Apple conditioner on it, and boy am I glad I did. It looks even better now than when I bought it brand new. The conditioner gave it a little bit of a shine and made it very very soft.
  5. The Apple is the best. They have it at and they are having a sale! Use the promo code "summer sale" and get 20% off all apple leather care products til Aug. 15th!
  6. All it says is to use the coach leather cleaner and moisturizer. Nothing too crazy