Care of Chanel reissue?

  1. I bought a black 226 with gold hardware yesterday (pictures soon...when DF can get camera back from friend's house:wacko: ) and it hasn't been stored in my house yet because I used it last night,today and it's going out again tonight. i think we're surgically attached.:love:

    Question though:

    1) Do you always store the bag stuffed and with the chain inside it?

    2) Did you spray your bag with anything?

    3) Not maintenance related,but what on earth is the tiny middle inside pocket made for?:lol: You know,inside the compartment that is burgundy and has the 2.55 anniversary stamp,there are 2 inside pockets and a smaller pocket inbetween.I could possibly fit...a small comb,or a tube of concealer,or...last night I shoved 2 MAC lipsticks in there and they went in easily but it was quite an operation getting them OUT again:lol: . It's too small for sunglasses...any ideas???
  2. Congrats on your black reissue ... it's a beautiful bag, can't wait to see your pics!

    As for storing, I don't stuff the bag but I do put the chain inside the bag to store it. There is a proper way to store the chain inside ... the manager at the Chanel boutique in Calgary showed me the proper way to put the chain inside in between the felt pieces so that it would not leave markings on the leather. It's hard to explain so you should go to the nearest boutique and ask them to demonstrate.

    Honestly, I haven't sprayed mine with anything since I'm too chicken to try. I have Shining Monkey but I don't know if I want to use it on the lambskin since it leaves a coating.

    I never use the little pocket but I guess you could put in one lipstick since it was a problem taking out two.
  3. I think that little pocket is for lipstick... ^^ asl_bebes--could you take a photo of how you store your chain? I'm getting one of the new "Reissues" but it's being sent to me--it'd be great to see how the chain goes into the bag.
  4. I also have the 2.55 re-issue in grey and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Congrats, Quirky! Wear it well!

    Ok. So I store all my Chanel bags with tissue inside, then place the bag inside it's sleeper with the chain (unless its a rigid leather handle) outside and then the whole thing goes inside the Chanel box it came in. On the outside of the box I have the name of the bag for quick recognition.

    As far as spraying your bag, DO NOT spray anything on lambskin as it leaves marks. Also, try not to carry it in the rain.

    I keep my lipstick tube in that little inside pocket and I keep a slim credit card/business card holder in one of the side pockets. In the pocket that sits behind the inside flap, I keep my checkbook and any slips of paper I lists, To Do list, etc.

    I'm loving my goes with everything!
  5. Thank you!!! You guys are so quick and helpful. I have taken some really bad pictures...bear with me;the light is quite bad now and I've used the flash so it all looks a lot more garish than it actually is.

    I shall post it in another thread :biggrin:
  6. quirkycool>> congrats on your new bag! how do you find the size? i was debating whether i want a 226 or 227..
  7. essential I am very happy with the size...I think that it is a perfect day to night size. I have many large bags to carry when I need loads of things with me.I am also not skinny so I was concerned about the size on me,but it looks good. (I am also short...5'2.)

    Having said that,they didn't have a 227 in the store and if they had I would have tried it. I just...WANTED the bag and didn't want the hassle of trying for the 227 from elsewhere,having to send it back,etc etc.

    So I would say try both.

    I fit my compact,lipstick,brush,inhaler (asthma),tiny mirror and purse into this bag in the pics I posted and as you can see there is still room.I would still be able to fit sunglasses if I wore them. (Wear prescription glasses,boohoo.)

    I don't carry much more than that...I think it depends on your needs!! try both if you can :smile:
  8. thanks quirkcool. unfortunately the town that i'm in doesn't carry reissues anymore, and the SAs are not the easiest people to deal with.. i think from the pictures the 227 is quite large for evening use. congrats you make a perfect choice!!
  9. I've been told that it is best to store the chain outside of the bag (in order to prevent marking) and to wrap the chain in a soft cloth.

    I've heard conflicting information about applying product to the bag.
  10. Chanel stores do sometimes agree that Vectra spray is the best spray to use to protect your handbag. I have a friend who used it on her reissue and its fine. Aside from that, no other product is necessary.
  11. Thank you for your replies everyone :smile:.

    I have finally read the blurb on the little card in the envelope...and it says to store with chain inside,wrapped in tissue to avoid marking.

    It also says to avoid sun and moisture (hah!! This bag is going to LIVE I'm afraid;) ) but that if it gets wet,to wipe it with a dry cloth.

    I'm not going to spray it with anything right now,and I shall just not carry it should the heavens threaten to open.

    I won't store it in the sun :angel: ...and fortunately sun,strength of,is not something I have to worry about too much in the Netherlands:Push: .
  12. I used this creamy leather cleaner on my reissue and it looks beautiful. I just got it a week ago and I still can't believe how awesome it is. I don't want to use another bag (and I have way too many that I love) Anyway-it seems less delicate than other Chanel lambskin bags I have.