Care of agenda

  1. I'm really debating which agenda to get. Leaning towards LV right now but I'm very undecisive.

    Is the little Epi hard to clean and manage? Or should I stick with the Damier one? I dont want to get the Monogram because I dont want it to scream LV :smile: Thanks!
  2. Epi isn't hard to manage. I have a mandarin color (which is fairly light) and haven't had any issues thus far. I've had it since June.
  3. The Epi ones are wonderful looking. :heart: I don't own one, but my SA said Epi was easy to care for.

    Have you looked at the groom agenda? It's fun and doesn't quite "scream LV" as you put it. LOL
  4. You cant go wrong with either one really, maybe you might want to think about matching to the color that works best for you.:smile:
  5. Is the groom agenda the one w the all leather smooth surface?
  6. Mee4, the groom is the monogram canvas with the little murakami looking bell boy printed on it. I think maybe you're thinking of Suhali?

    I just got the medium Suhali agenda in plum..I'm picking it up tomorrow since I had my initials stamped on it.

    But the epi is really low maintenance! I'd go with that one..
  7. Thanks everyone!! :flowers: :flowers:
  8. Be sure to let us know what you decide on! :graucho: