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  1. hi guys

    i'm new to this forum :rolleyes: and i'm having heaps of fun reading the segments posted up (especially the ones showcasing your personal collection of bags!! -> it certainly gave me even more motivation to incorporate more styles into my collection to my boyfriend's dismay :p)
    i recently added a Fendi Spy to my collection and although i read thru the care cards i can't for the life of me understand what i need to do to keep the soft nappa in top condition and protect it from the environment. if anyone of you have any tips that'll be greatly appreciated :smile:

  2. Different people are devotees of various products, but personally I don't use anything on mine if I can help it. I think that most people follow this philosophy with Spy bags. I do use Coach leather cleaner on my white Spy when it needs it, but nothing really so far on my other bags. I've also used Lovin My Bags moisturizer and shine enhancer on my green Spy, but it is a 2005 bag and REALLY needed some help when it came to me.
  3. I wouldn't put anything on it. Unless it really really needs it.
  4. My Spy is a light color and therefore tends to need cleaning from time to time. I have used Wilson leather care products (cleaning wipes and water repellant), as well as Apple care products (leather cleaner and conditioner). My bag is a 2005 as well and does not have the shiny coating that the later bags have. So it is necessary to use cleaner.

    I guess it depends on the color and year of your bag. Mind sharing?
  5. thanks for the advice guys

    Lo14 -> the color is in the tan soft nappa..but i'm not too sure about the year of the make coz i got it recently from eBay and i didn't ask the seller. i'm certain it's authentic coz i got all the essentials that go with the bag (all except the receipt)..maybe you could tell me which year the tan spy came out?
  6. My Fendi Sales Lady told me I didnt need to use anything to treat them. I havnet used mine yet to have to clean them. I think you can tell the year by the serial number on the leather tag inside. The last three numbers should have a 5, 6, or 7in it meaning the year it was made. Maybe someone else can let you know for sure.:confused1:
  7. Ff - does it look like this? (except smaller):

    The camel/bone spy came out in 2005 only. My Large Camel (bigger than yours) needed a very light coat of conditioner when I got it, then I used Rainguarde from Apple leather products & I haven't done anything since. Like everyone says, don't over do product, the nappa is very absorbent.
    The 2005 camel spy does not have a protective coating like newer spys....:yes:
  8. is anyone protecting the inside? someone spilled water inside my spy today and there is a large stain. It isn't a big deal, but just wondering...
  9. Alta -- the lining is quite washable, just make sure to protect the rest of the bag. I have pulled the lining out & soaked it -- not too long & then dried it, all while keeping Mr. Spy bag protected with a plastic bag held by rubberband around the lining.;) Only did this once on an eBay baby spy with a perfume smell that lingered. It worked!
  10. baglady - this is the pic the seller put up of the bag i bought, it's a few shades darker than yours
    i checked the serial no. and it indicated that it is an '05 model


    is it necessary to use a semi-damp towel to wipe the handles after using it every now and then?
  11. Alta - if it's JUST water then i'm sure pulling the lining out and drying it thoroughly would be sufficient. the zucca lining is quite durable material
  12. Yellow tag alert! fendi_forever, did you get this authenticated by someone on the *authenticate this* thread before you bought it? I haven't been following the threads that well lately so I apologize for raising a false alarm if its authentic. Basically the yellow tags on the bags on eBay appear on the majority of fakes, they don't sell them with yellow tags in any boutique or store. It may come with fake or real cards but it may not mean the bag is real. I hope I'm mistaken here..:sad:

  13. did they stop using the yellow tags more than 2 yrs ago coz that's when the seller bought it..? i hope it is authentic coz i got the works (hollogram tag with A550045 at the bottom; the serial no. is 2211 8BR511 R01 059; authenticity card doesn't have empty boxes; care cards and black suede dust bag)
    now i'm worried..what do you think?
  14. I'm so sorry fendi_forever, it is fake... :sad:

    You need to try and get your money back. The serial number A550045 is a well known fake serial. I'm so sorry, how did you pay? PayPal? Lodge a dispute. ASAP!
  15. FF -- Next time before you buy, get the bag authenticated on the Authenticate this Fendi Thread...Kav & Knee Hi are correct, the bag is a fake. :crybaby: