Care Instructions From Balenciaga

  1. Please find below few points to help you on how to take care of your

    Clean the article with a dry flannel cloth.
    - Protect the bag from water and from direct sources of heat and
    - Fill the product with tissue. Never let a leather bag empty but
    fill it with heavy object as they may deform it.
    - Always store the bag in a flannel bag when not in use. Never
    the bag in plastic shopper, the leather has to breathe.
    - To make the scratch less apparent, there is no solution without
    special products that only the leather producers have. In case of
    you can the store where you have bought the bag to ask for an
    number to return the bag to be checked and restored by our producer or
    specialized laboratory.
  2. I always store mine empty... how about everyone else?
  3. i put the tissue paper it comes with.
  4. I store mine empty too...
  5. i use old shrunken sweaters...
  6. i store mine empty because i think the inside is almost all cloth, no leather facinf weach other so i'm not worry about the leather stick together in long term not used :P
  7. All of the B bags I have bought have always come empty. And I have custom made sleeper bags for mine made of the thickest flannel. I keep the B bag sleepers in the box but dont use them. and I keep my stored bags stuffed with acid free tissue paper.
  8. I store mine empty. I'm not overly particular with my bags and they are all just fine.
  9. Thanks for the information umamanikam
  10. Wow I wonder if they would restore "handles" ?
  11. Great to know! Thanks!
  12. ^^ me tooooooooooo :tender:
  13. Thanks for the info!!!! I think I am going to put up a post to ask how everyone stores their bags. I have all my LV's stuffed with tissue in a dustbag and then in a LV box. But my b-bags not stuffed in a dustbag in a LV box. I really want to know which way is best. Then if you do stuff, how much should you use? Do you need to stuff enough to see complete shape of the bag? I'm so confused!
    :wtf: :sweatdrop: :shrugs: :confused1:

  14. do you mind my asking where you got these instructions from? which balenciaga?
  15. Running to the store for tissue paper right now!