Care for White Multicolor LVs

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  1. What product(s) should I use to clean the white multicolor LV? I recently noticed a few traces of spilled coffeee and ink marks on my bag. What can I use to clean it without harming the colors?
  2. I always use gentle baby wipes on my wonders..
  3. Hmm, I have some moist wipes at home. Maybe I will try those. :sweatdrop:
  4. oh yeah and i spilt coffee on the canvas and vahcetta once they both came totally out..but for the not sure if that will take it might need something stronger like spray n wash stain remover and just use it on a qtip on the ink spot..

  5. would you have to use the wipes right away? b/c I have a couple of patches of black on my vachetta... from a while ago ... :S will it still work?
  6. Be careful everyone. GENTLE with your LV babies!
  7. it wont hurt to give it a wipes will not damage the vachetta, just rub lightly and back and forth..