Care for some hot chocolate?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I hope each one is enjoying a nice summer season. I just wanted to share my unexpected good fortune of acquiring my first 40cm birkin.

    Several months ago, I asked my SA to add my name to their waiting list for a 40cm birkin in chocolate with palladium hardware. Well, I received an unexpected call on Friday afternoon that a bag just came in and will be on hold for me to look at thru Sunday. I stopped by the store late Saturday afternoon and took a look at the bag in person. The box was still wrapped in plastic when my sa brought her out. I immediately fell in love with this birkin's color, stitching and proportions. At first I thought it was a HAC because she appeared taller than my previous 35cm birkins. It was my first time to see a 40cm birkin in person.

    Presenting my 40cm chocolate togo birkin with palladium hardware:

    Thanks for viewing.
  2. Congratulations!:smile: Enjoy her in good health.
  3. YUM!!!!! Congrats, that's stunning. STUNNING!!!!

  4. Gorgeous! I am really starting to want a bag in this size especially after seeing this beauty!!:drool::drinkup:
  5. It looks absolutely perfect with the striped scarf.
  6. You are on a roll!

    Lovely:heart: Love your artistic touches to your photos!

  7. Congrats, J!!! Now I really want one in Black for a briefcase!!!
  8. LOVE it! Congrats!
  9. Stunning! Chocolate is always so warm, rich and yummy! Such a great colour, that can take you straight into Autumn/Winter!
  10. CONGRATS!!! Beautiful choice and I love that you model your bags with different items for a splash of colour or for size reference.

    I'm absolutely enamoured of that Pippa folding chair. What leather is it? And may I ask what the approx price was? I was looking thru a previous season's Le Monde the other week and was just loving the rough H leather one they had there.
  11. Oh Jaegerhomme it sounds divine but alas I can't see the pics. Sure they're great though. Congratulations to you.
  12. I LOVE IT!! The color, the leather even the size are prefection!!! I dream to have one like Congrats!you are very lucky
  13. Gorgeous! Can you put the handles on your shoulder?
  14. Congrats, such a deep colour!! Lovely bag!xx
  15. J, another exquisite bag!!! Congratulations. You are indeed on a roll. I hope you have some splendid summer adventures with your new beautiful bag.

    ITA, BTW, time and again I too see the 40cm and think it is a 36 HAC! I love the shape of this bag, and the color, of course, is scrumptions!!

    Beautiful photos, as always.

    You are really putting together a world class collection, J!!!