Care for Saffiano leather

  1. I have a Ferragamo bag that is Saffiano leather in a bronze color. Does anyone know the best products to use on these bags? It has some minor scratches so I'd like to treat it before I put it away for the summer. I wrote to Ferragamo customer service, and they were less than helpful. Thank you!
  2. Saffiano leather is made to be scratch resistant. Even though I use Apple products on my bags, I haven't had to do it with my Prada or Ferragamo saffiano wallets. I would say if it's a very minor scratch, try the Apple conditioner to see if it will condition it to make the scratch less obvious to the naked eye. I've used this on all of my YSL bags.
  3. Thank you! Unfortunately my bag has gotten some scratches. Then again, I have carried it often. I like to use my bags, which means they don't stay in pristine condition.
  4. I used the Apple conditioner with excellent results. You have to look hard to see where the scratches are. I am very impressed with this product!