Care for Chelsea bags

  1. Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum but not new to owning Coach bags ;) I just picked up a small Chelsea hobo from the outlet here in Park City and was wondering about the care for it. It's the pebbled smooth leather. I was hoping I could use my leather moisturizer and cleaner on it but the cards inside the bag specifically said NOT to use those :confused1: So how do I go about protecting this bag? Perhaps it's one of those really sturdy kinds that are just resistant to everything.

    Anyone have any thoughts?!?!

  2. I have two pebble bags, not the chelsea but Coach shoulder large totes. Only water is recommended with a damp cloth. The darker colors, not white keep fine. I have brown and black. They are perfect. Don't worry.
  3. Jennster, it is my understanding that if you use the cleaner or moisturizer on the pebbled leather it may actually smooth out the pebbling. Like Rainbow, I have a couple of dark colored Chelsea bags and a damp cloth has always worked well.
  4. Ahhh very interesting. Thanks for the tips. Water will have to do then. It's very interesting that the cleaner or moisturizer will smooth out the pebbles - I'd never thought of that :smile: Thanks!
  5. The pebbled leather on the Chelsea bags is very sturdy. I went through 3 winters up here in the frozen tundra with one of those bags,( before I had a major addiction !) it still looked new. I'd just wipe it with a damp cloth if you get anything on it. The one i had didn't even have a scratch on it, and I don't baby my personal Coach items.
  6. Unfortunately, there are just some bags that you can't moisturize. It's a bummer.

    It's funny, I've never had to clean one of my Coach bags. They're so resilient that I just don't have a problem with them!