Care for another Natural Barenia/Toile sac?

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Couldn't resists taking home this lightweight, rectangular shaped classic. Please take a glance at my new 28cm plume in natural barenia and toile combination. Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

  2. So elegant! :love:
  3. Oh, what a beauty. I personally do not have to courage to carry tolie stuff even thou I like the look, and I admire people who do!

    jaegerhomme, as a guy, how do you carry a plume without it looking feminine? Do you shoulder it?
  4. I soooo :heart::heart::heart: your collection!
  5. How lovely, J.
  6. Jaeger: It is absolutely stunning! So elegantly casual. Your picture place is incredible--now I can see how people get addicted to porn...I keep going back to your pictures! I can't stay away! Natural fjord in SABLE!:nuts::drool:
  7. Thank you Coldplayerlover, Lyanna Stark, bagdizzy, Sus, and luv2shophandbag.
  8. I would carry and hold it like a briefcase. Although it is a size 28, because of the leather and toile combination and white stitching, the bag appears bigger than it is and looks unisex. Personally, I like the proportions of the 28cm in this plume combination than if it was a 32cm. Its looks casual but elegant at the same time. The aroma of the barenia and chevre interior is just DIVINE. The white contrast saddle stitching is a work of art. The interior size is perfect without being too large and one's personal effects will fit in snugly.
  9. Thanks for visiting luv2shophandbag. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and it's been a pleasure sharing them and my experience with you all.
  10. Mmmm! Very, very nice collection! :heart:
  11. Nice one J! I want your 50CM!!! Haha, but seriously beautiful piece for your collection!
  12. Congrats!!it is a beautiful bag.In fact, every single pieces of you collection is tdf
  13. Breathtaking! SO glad you got it!

    now, you know who to call if you ever want to sell it, hey J....?????? He, he, he!
  14. Just wanted to store today - a 32 Plume in ebene barenia and toile - made me think of your I'm thinking I should call them and grab it?
  15. What a fantastic looking family of H bags you have, J!! Very, very nice. :yes: