Care for a leather wallet?

  1. I recently purchased a leather wallet, and I have a few questions on how to care for it. I know this isn't extremely expensive in the designer world, but I really really love it and want it to last as long as possible.

    My question is: what products would you recommend to take care of the wallet? Or is a wallet so small and so often "touched" that it's too difficult to take care of? I'm considering the some sort of guard or pre-treatment for now and maybe the cleaner for later? (I just know I'm going to get that dirty from natural wear, no matter how much I baby it).

    I'm not very good at describing leather since I'm new to all of this but it's very soft and a little bit like the "pebbled" bags (in that it's not completely smooth). eLuxury describes it as "soft grained leather."

    I've gone through threads and threads and a lot of tPF members recommend and apple guard. Any preferences?
  2. If I were you, I'd just leave it 'natural' and try to be careful with it. :yes: I would be worried that treating it might adversely effect the look and feel.

    I have very soft (designer) leather bags and I don't treat them with anything.