care cards / documents of a Spy

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  1. Hi Spy experts,

    I bought a chocolate Spy from Wynn Macau around a month ago, I didn't care about the cards / documents that should come with it until I saw a picture of the cards / documents here tonight.

    In my bag, there is a yellow care card. It did not come with the grey card, is this normal? Or this grey card contains serial number of the bag like Chanel bags which has a serial no. inside the bags that match with numbers on the authenticty card?

    Many Thanks.

  2. If it was a new bag, it should come with authenticity card ("gray"). The numbers, fonts & what it says are in a certain format & it helps to identify the year, color, style of the bag. The bag has a unique serial number on the hologram tag sewn into the lining, which is more similar to the Chanel hologram serial number, but on a Fendi, it does not match any number on the card. Suggest you present photos of the the bag, ext, interior, hadware close ups, esp spy glass, leather serial number strip & hologram tag showing serial number to authenticate for you on the Authentification Thread.:yes:
  3. In the UK some stores give the grey authentic card some do not. Selfridges in London does not give out this card now, yet Selfridges in Birmingham does. It depends where you bought it, if the store is well known and has a Fendi section I would not worry, like I said this is not given out now at a lot of big stores in the UK. I have no idea why.
  4. Thanks for the info Saich, I am really surprised by that. :confused1: We use the authenticity card as part of the authentification process & if you resell the bag, most buyers like to have might want to request it. Believe the SA can provide the card on demand (Fendilover showed us some previously that they produce/print in her outlet.)
  5. I also noticed when I bought my B belt at Neiman's that it did not have the hanging auth card on it. I asked the SA why not, and she said the cut them off (??). I asked her what they do with them, and she said they throw them away (?!?!?!). I don't understand this, since the belts are difficult to authenticate, I think having the auth card would be really helpful if I ever wanted to resell it, but apparently some stores get rid of this stuff for some unknown reason.

  6. Yes it was a surprise to me to. I have requested them but they just do not give them out any more in Selfridges London, its just part of their policy. They do not give them out in Manchester either.
  7. Wow! That's a real eye opener. I will have to say I have seen a lot of fake bags marketed with a true & real FENDI authenticity card that doesn't match the bag by style or description... Always gives me a double take. Perhaps that's why they don't like to give them out, not sure. :confused1:
  8. I am reassured by you super experts now. Thanks everyone. :smile:

  9. Baglady,
    The serial number on the leather strip is 22118BR511R01078
    The number on the hologram tag is AK00848
    What do these nos. show?

  10. 2211 8BR511 R01 078

    2211 (who knows)
    8BR511-means it is a regular spy/model code
    R01 color code
    078--07 means it was manufactured in 07
  11. Thanks Litigartrix. :smile:
  12. Edited to state: I think that RQ1 may be the code for nappa leather, not color. My bad.
  13. L- the numbers are OK, but fakes can have correct numbers. We need photos as stated previously to authenticate. Did you purchase this from a Fendi boutique or ? When I google the name you gave for seller, I get a location, not a store (but please forgive my ignorance if I am wrong, I live in the US).

    You can post the photos using or similar photo hosting mechanism.:yes:
  14. baglady.1,

    I bought the bag from Fendi boutique at Wynn Macau (casino resort like the one in Vagas). So for sure it is 100% authentic. Thanks.