care cards avec tiffany

  1. has anyone ever gotten care cards with their tiffany purchases? im just curious because i was loooking through eBay and they all seem to have...ive bought quite a few tiffany silver pieces and i just get a dust bag and box
  2. i did get the care cards and mine were all purchased in california's tiffany store so I dont know if that makes any difference
  3. yea ive purchased my jewlerry at tiffany stores as well
  4. You generally get care cards with jewelry pieces that have gemstones.
  5. no i meant if difference in store location leads to whether you get it or not?
  6. Both of my Tiffany silver necklaces have come with a care card on how to care for silver.

    Bought them online, so I don't know if that makes a difference.
  7. Yep, all my stuff has care cards... purchases have been in different states, different stores and online, so I don't think it really matters where you buy it.

    Don't know if you were just browsing or looking to buy.... but I'd be wary of buying a T&co piece on eBay though...might be better off just paying full price at the store to know what you got is real.

  8. same here. I've even gotten it for a pen once.
  9. care cards for everything i've purchased. care cards from different places, online from different stores. yep yep.
  10. maybe it's different in canada than in the usa.... ????
  11. I believe they do. I bought silver pieces and all of them came with the care card.