Care books

  1. Is there a way to know which things should come with care booklets? I think i know that all multicolor items should come with one and i think my perfo speedy did. I was thinking this may be good to know so when we go buy something we can make sure we get everything we are supposed to. Now, i bought the inclussion hair cubes when i was in Vegas last month and i did not get a tag or a booklet with them, but i didnt think anything of it. then on eBay i saw someone selling them and they had both those items pictured. its not really that big of a deal to me, but it makes me wonder if there is anything else i missed out on.

    i guess the short question is, is there a list of items or lines for LV that should come with care booklets?

    I will be in Vegas again in June and want to buy something :graucho: im thinking about the Ludlow Pomme. Thanks for anyones help and sorry for rambling. ;)
  2. There are certain items that come with care booklets... items don't always come with tags or a care booklet, so no need to worry if you don't get one.

    Anything that comes in Monogram/Damier/Damier Azur Canvas doesn't come with a care booklet since the bags are made out of canvas, there isn't much special care or special attention.

    A few lines that do come with care booklets:
    Monogram Multicolore
    Monogram Vernis
    Damier Geant
    Monogram Dentelle
    Monogram Cerises
    Monogram Cherry Blossom
    Monogram Mini Lin
  3. I also believe it depends on country and store what they give you. I very often have to ask for the care booklet here in Austria or in Germany and I hardly ever get the ticket with the official codenumber and description of the item. Normally I receive the invoice, the tag what it's made of and perhaps a care booklet. I have also seen that often people sell something on eBay and the items will still have the protective plastic on the locks or handles. That I have never, ever seen in Austria or Germany. They will take off every piece of plastic protection before the show or sell the item.
  4. My inclusion didn't come with a booklet, I don't think they do anyway... :shrugs:
  5. Thanks John! you truly are the best!
  6. all the Limited Edition, Runway and Seasonal bags come with a little intro/story/care booklet too :yes:
  7. My inclusion bracelet did come with a care booklet, it's a "Bijoux Fantasie" care booklet.
  8. WHAT?!??! lol I didn't get one!:cursing: haha, it's okie I don't need it anymore cuz mine's already broken! lol
  9. My first inclusion speedy came with a care booklet but my 2nd one didn't. The 2nd one was the last one in the store though and didn't comein the velvet pouch that the first one came in, it came in the regular felt pouch.
  10. Yup, all the costume jewelry (Inclusion, Sweet Monogram, Vegas, etc.) should come with the Bijoux Fantasie booklets. If not, just ask for one when you go to the store. I didn't get one with my Groom cles so I asked for one..I still need one for my Suhali agenda.
  11. Does anyone have a care booklet from the 2010-2011 showpieces that they'd be willing to part with?