care booklet

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  1. :confused1:Ok....on ebay, many items are being sold with little booklets (caring instructions)...

    when I purchased my bag from the store, I didnt get one! Did my Sa forget? or do only fake ones come with it?
  2. authentic items come with care booklets as well. i guess some stores/SAs take them out with the item tags too.

    actually, i'm not 100% sure if they come with mono or damier items.
  3. Mono and Damier (including Azur) don't come with booklets but all other lines do.
    If you're missing one, you can go back to the store (preferrably the SA you dealt with before) and ask for another booklet because yours was missing. I did this with one of my Groom items (had the tags but no booklet) and my SA was nice enough to give me another one.
  4. ok..thanks for you response, tpfers!
  5. Ahh I was wondering why my Mono bag didn't come with a care booklet but my Damier Geant did - thanks for the info, Lvbabydoll!