care and protection for OL alexa

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  1. hi girls

    i know some have mentioned lack cream and waterstop, but im a bit confussed!

    i used my alexa today, i got extra holes punched in the shoulder strap today and the bag sits great now. however after two outing i have noticed that the corners look dry!? has anyone else noticed this?
    whilst at the cobblers i asked what he thought about the leather, he said the layer on the top (the shinny leopard print) seems very thin and if im not careful i will notice wear on her corners where it has rubbed off!
    this was what i was afraid of! i said that mulberry and a few SAs have reccomended collonil waterstop and lack polish! he said hes not sure if that would be enough to protect the bag and would it need some kind of wax???

    when reading up about lack polish it says its for patent leathers and reptile skins!?

    the have read somewhere that collonil waterstop drys the bag out even more!

    so anyone with OL leather alexa, whats your experiences? i want to protect the bag so it doesnt wear easily!
  2. I have not done anything to it yet. Was planning on asking HoF SA on Sunday and hopefully buying some Lack polish if they sell it?
  3. no i havent done anything to mine yet, im just think maybe the leather is delicate and needs a bit more protection than waterproofing iykwim!
  4. I used Lack on mine but it has not been out yet....I think only time will tell with thhis leather but I am happy for a beat up kind of look as its a very casual bag...And I really want to enjoy it and not baby it...!!!
  5. i actually think its ment to wear and give a vintage worn look after reading mulberrys care instructions!

    im not sure im comfortable with that after paying so much money though!
  6. I am going to go with Birkin girl on this one. Whilst I agree bag was hugely expensive (even after discount!) I am keen to enjoy it and not worry about it too much. If Lack waterproofs it then I hope that will be enough. I know it will get a antique feel but I do think that distress may suit this very rock n roll little bag.
  7. mmm maybe not the bag for me then, i baby my bags a bit, and the thought of wear marks hear and there would annoy me! after using it twice and signs of wear im not happy

    im thinking about trying this

    its says its for antique leathers, that may be finely waxed, which this is according to mulberry?

    the lack polish was for patent and reptile skis....
  8. hm, BMB, I think I would be careful to put that on a glossy bag?!

    I was told to use both collonil waterstop and the high gloss cream at the Mulberry store. I think I will go to the city tomorrow after work and ask about the Lack product , see what they say. So far I've only put on a thin layer of collonil. I thought it got a bit dryer in the beginning, but don't think so now (after comparing with another in the store). At least it doesn't look dry or any wear on the corners yet, and I've used it at least ten days. Handle is the only thing that there are maybe a couple of tiny tiny 'cracks' in the colour if that makes any sense. But think that's due to the plaited handle, and that I use the handle a lot. Nothing noticable anyway.

    I think this bag is meant to get a vintage look as the others are saying. I think I will like it, and I baby my bags a lot..., but only time will tell. Want to keep the glossy shine though, and hopefully the high gloss cream or the lack polish will keep it that way.

    However, only two outings and already worn on the corners?? I would use it more if I was you, and then if it ages very quickly, make a phone call to Mulberry.
  9. It is strange isn't it that mulberry don't seem to know themselves which product to recommend. The care card suggests the spray yet mulberry told Birkin on the phone to use lack as this was most suitable You would think that they would be able to work it out and let us know, lol.....
  10. yeah, that's a bit annoying..

    I'm not always taking the carecard as 100% reliable, there has been some dispcrepancies between the web instructions and the carecard before. So always asking if I don't know the leather, and if they don't know in the store for some reason they contact the hq.

    Hopefully will find the right product soon, eh?
  11. thanks for the advice, are mulberry good with thing like that, say if it ages alot??

    i dont mind if softening up abit and cracks and stuff, but i dont want bad worn corners and stuff iykwim?

    im torn between lack polish and the waterstop?
  12. i hope so!!!
  13. I might give Mulberry a call tomorrow, just out of interest, to see what they suggest. I guess if a few of us do it, it will be interesting to see what the majority view is?
  14. yes will get some where eventually!
  15. just a update girls...

    been talking to a lovely SA today and she looked at my bag and recommended a new product by collonil, called leather gel to nourish it, then wait and use lack polish to protect! so i got some. she also recommended collonil waterstop, buti said that some have found it a little drying.

    going to try it out tomorrow. will take before and after pics for reference.