Care and Maintenace of New Jackie Guccissima


Jun 9, 2012
Hi Ladies,

I'm new to the Gucci threads and would like to ask for some help regarding my New Jackie Guccissima. So please pardon my ignorance. I found a photo of the bag on the internet. I don't know what kind of leather it is, most likely calf? The leather looks very vintage and doesn't appear to have been "treated" with "gloss" or something like that. It looks like it's very prone to staining. Kindly help with the following:

1. How do I clean stains on it? It looks as if any type of cleaner will leave a mark on it as the leather will absorb it. It doesn't have any visible dirt at the moment, but I'd like to know what to do when it happens.

2. There is a "darker" spot at the back of the bag --- maybe the leather has developed somekind of "patina"? I've only used it for 3 or 4 times since acquiring it in Dec. 2011. It doesn't look like jean transfer as there's no color on the leather. It just appears "darker" as if it's absorbed some oil from the skin.

3. Will Applegard rain and stain repellent help protect it from water and dirt stains? I'm afraid of spraying it because if I don't do it evenly, it looks as if the the repellent is going to show on the leather as "tiny spots". If I try to even it out, the leather might just absorb too much of it/get soaked and become darker.

4. Is it advisable to "moisturize" this kind of leather? It was dry to begin with when I purchased it and I think that's supposed to be the look of the leather?

I was so taken by its leather when I bought it, but it looks as if it's also going to be its Achilles Heel.

I would appreciate any suggestions! Many thanks in advance!:smile:



Jun 11, 2012
I believe that leather needs to be moisturized and protected to extend its life. The best bet is to try to protect it before it gets any stains or scratches on it.
I use lovinmybags cleaning system on my(fiance) handbags.
Step 1. Gently clean the bag. You can use a damp microfiber cloth with distilled water on it.
Step 2. Apply leather moisturizer in a circular pattern to the leather with the microfiber cloth. I usually apply 1 coat and wait 20 minutes or so and then apply another coat.
Step 3. Apply your leather protector. I usually apply 2 coats of this and wait 20 minutes in between coats to let the product sink in.
Step 4. buff or polish with a clean, dry cloth

My fiance has guccissima leather and I do this for her bags and it really needs to be done or the leather gets dry, cracked, will scratch and scuff easy. Leather can last a long time and look great for a long time IF you take care of it and moisturize and protect it. I woud do this every 3 months or so to your bag. I hear appleguard is pretty good for bags but I decided to go with lovinmybags. I have heard good things about both brands.
Also I'm not a big fan of any of the Sprays. In my opinion you need a cream that gets rubbed in to the leather and allows the leather to breath. The cream or polishes help protect against scuffs better imho than sprays too. Guccissima is generally calf or lamb and it is a delicate leather so if you did go with lovinmybags it is recommended to get the Most Delicate product line.
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