Care and Handling of light colored leather-what's involved?

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  1. I'm looking for a bag to wear that will give a break to my overworked 30 black togo Birkin w/GHW. I would like this bag to have PHW. While I love the look of etoupe, I have tried on a bag in this color and it was disappointingly blah on me. I think gris tourterclles is gorgeous, but am hesitant about considering this color because it's so light. I often read about light bags getting dirty and showing wear. The 30 Birkin I would like (and I have no idea if I can get one) would be worn often and, while I would not bang it around as much as the black, I don't want to baby it.

    I want to add that I looked at graphite in a swatch and it was so close to black, IMO, that it wouldn't feel like a new look. I have not been able to see anthracite.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but I would very much appreciate hearing how you care for your bags in light leather and if you have any warnings or advice as to using them.
  2. I had two days in London this week with my paleish biscuit coloured Birkin, swift leather. It got rained on a bit and DD and I used the tube train to get out and about across London so it got bashed and squashed during rush hour etc, it's been on restaurant floors, theatre floors etc etc. It's relatively new - only bought it in January and I use it for work and out and about - I'm trying hard not to baby it. When I inspected the damage after 2 days in London, all four corners showed faint small darker smudges and one of the handles had a darker smudge, also the back plain side of the Birkin there was some shadowing of a smudge. I tried not to feel bad about it and really, it was very minimal but I decided to try Martha Stewart's tip for cleaning bags and I used a baby wipe - the ones made by 'Simple' . I couldn't believe it, one quick wipe and my bag came up as good as new - I am completely converted to these wipes. To be honest, the slight marks were hardly anything at all, it really didn't need cleaning or wiping at all but I thought I would try out the wipes just to see.

    Here's the colour of biscuit (I wish I had taken before and after pics now after using the wipes) next to my gold Picotin for comparison of colour.

    I would have no hesitation in taking my Birkin anywhere, this colour seems to cope with the grime of a city really well.

    My theory (on no scientific basis, lol) is that damage or dirt will show up no matter what colour your bag - on a black bag, it will show up pale and on a pale bag, it will show up dark. A bit like chewing gum on the street - always dark on pale surfaces and always light on dark surfaces.

    I would always give my heart priority over practical matters when choosing a colour in Hermes - go for the colour you love.

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  3. You can condition you bag to be stain resistant...If you love a light color then go for it :o)
  4. I just came across this thread by chance and it reminded me of a conversation last week with my SA.

    I was speaking to him about different leathers while I was contemplating a small wallet (I eventually bought the Euclide.)

    I picked up a wallet that was made out of white courcheval (sp?) and it had a tiny little smudge of something on it, which I was told would have to go back to Paris to have the mark properly removed.

    This has TOTALLY put me off buying white leather at all, as I am SOOOOO clumsy and it would look like Etoupe after about a week in my not so careful care. :crybaby:
  5. AAN, that is a great tip. I'll have to try it on my parchemin KL when it gets dirty which is inevitable. Did Martha say what brand to get in the US? Do you think any brand will do? (Simple sounds good, just don't know if they make it here. It's been nearly 4 years since I last had to use baby wipes for their intended purposes!)
    Love the color of your biscuit bag, by the way. And I totally agree with you, about choosing what makes your heart sing. That was how I ended up with a parchemin clutch.

  6. allaboutnice-------Thank you for posting all those details on 'everyday' usage. Now I'm off to buy some baby wipes.:smile:
  7. Tamarind - Martha mentioned 'Pampers' I think, here's the link to the show:

    She said they must be baby wipes, no alcohol ie don't use the 'freshening' wipes that you can buy for hands.

    the ones I used by simple are perfume and colour free,

    Simple make an inexpensive range of skin products, their usp is their lack of ingredients, no 'nasties', it's a entry level skin care range aimed at teens I think.

    Steelsaphire, thank you and I hope you get great results like I did.
  8. Thank you AAN. Thank you for the links. I used to buy Pampers... My drug store salespeople will wonder what is happening in my family now!
  9. Allaboutnice, thanks so much for providing the film clip on bag cleaning! Martha is so inspiring. (Her kitchen looked like a Swiss clinic). At any rate, I'm off to buy baby wipes.

    Thanks to others for sharing their experiences. I feel less timid now about light colors.
  10. I will be getting something light colored soon and was wondering about the care. Thanks for posting all this info!! I too believe you should buy whatever makes your heart pitter-patter!!
  11. Thanks for the cleaning tips, much appreciated.
  12. Here are my tips:

    Don't use light colored bags around dark denim.
    And keep your hands clean.

    Good luck!
  13. thanks for the tip AAN!
  14. Thankyou for your post allaboutnice!