Care and Feeding of Chevre

  1. I swear I did a search before posting this. I'm still pretty stupid on cold meds, so the correct thread probably stared me right in the face and I missed it. Long story short, I know I'm being repetitive, and I'm sorry.

    Let's say someone bought something in chevre mysore. Let's say she never expected to have chevre, so she never paid any attention to threads that discuss how it handles, refurbishes, takes abuse, etc.

    Let's say this person tends to be a little hard on her stuff and managed to scuff her turquoise chevre on the way home. Let's say she doesn't know how she managed to do that.

    Would this person find that chevre refurbishes as well as something like clemence, which this person knows handles abuse well, since she tends to dish out quite a lot of it?

    Would someone please think of the kittens and help this sad person?
  2. There was a thread last week about a chevre coming back from a spa treatment with 100% results. Don't worry.