care and cleaning of MJ's patent goatskin

  1. i just bought a spring 2006 small moss bowler from marc jacobs. while i have some of his older bags (stam and multipocket), i've never owned a patent leather bag. and this is no ordinary patent leather, as you may well know. :yes: are there any things i should avoid, any tips you gals may have? and for those of you who purchased any ursula bags from spring, have they held up fairly well?

    i've heard not to place patent near magazines, as sometimes they will transfer ( a common problem with Louis vuitton vernis lines) does it scratch easily? im terrified of setting it down on anything or bumping it against anything.....
  2. anyone????
  3. I have an Ursula Elise - and the crackled texture makes the patent leather more durable than the smooth kind. You don't have to baby it too much - like you said, keep it away from print publications, and anything sharp. It's fine with water droplets since you can just wipe them off - and to clean, just polish with a soft cloth.
  4. I think bag.lover mentioned somewhere here that the patent is very durable and can withstand rain with little problems....
  5. Patent leather is less maintenance to me since dirt/dust can be wiped off easily. Many members are concerned with light colored patent leather (like Chalk) turning yellow over time. I spoke to a specialist at Magaret's Leather Repair (very reputable, recommended by Chanel, Nordstrom, etc) about this issue, I was told that all white bags don't remain white-white over time. I was considering Chanel's Classic Flap last year, the store manager said that she wouldn't recommend the White Flap as much as other colors because it needs to be re-dyed every 10 years.

    The problem with patent leather is that it cannot be re-dyed like regular leather. J4M, you don't have to worry about that issue since yours is apple green. =)

    Congrats on your Moss Bowler, post some pictures for us to see. =)
  6. Don't be terrified, take her out now! Enjoy! Bowler has 4 protective feet which should prevent direct contact to its base. Check out Orchid's post below:

  7. thank you for all of your are some pics of my bag that i posted over @TFS:yahoo:
    20061005_0091Wresize.jpg 20061005_0092Wresize.jpg 20061005_0093Wresize.jpg
  8. Very pretty, thanks! glad you found your bag!
  9. J3M, congrats! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. =)
    Will stop by TFS to check out your pictures.
  10. thanks girls. i am usually over at TFS more, although i adore the fact that purse forum has a whole forum devoted to MJ! love it!