Care Advice:Attention anyone who has clemence, evergrain, or swift bags...

  1. How often do you send your bags to the spa for reconditioning & touchups? Or do you never? And is it true that the visits lighten up the color? TIA!
  2. i have clemence, i took it in after 3 years. i can't say i noticed any lightening of color, but i do think my bag looks lighter than a new bag... but i assumed that was from age. i recall it looking very great when i got the bag back.
  3. awesome topic! I would love to know too since I've got bags in clemence and swift also!

    thanks for starting the thread!
  4. hmmm seems like im a little out of the loop here.what is the Spa? the Hermes headquarters for maintanance?

    i have 2 clemence taurillon. one bought in 2003 and its WHITE!!!
    it is quite dirty on the handles but i have never sent it in to be cleaned...
    am considering it maybe sometime soon :smile:
  5. I have not sent off my Kellys for a Spa treatment. but I think I need to go. Can I get buffed, polished and come back smooth and wrinkle free?..:nuts:
  6. I have had evergrain for 7 months or so...some minor wear to front bottom spa visits yet...
  7. hermes_lemming, I only have my Lindy for a day but I think I am right to say that swift leather will trap dirt. It just looks potentially so. So I think a wipe every now and then is needed. And then for spa for more thorough treatment. Those with swift and have been using it daily, what's your verdict?

    I just sent my shoulder birkin in clemence for spa treatment, after about 7-8 months from the time I got this. Some scruffed corners and the paint on the handles came off, so that will be touched up.
  8. Good topic hermes_lemming! I am contemplating sending my shoulder Birkin in for a spa treatment tomorrow, for the first time....will ask Manuela about the lightening of the color...
  9. Can you use that lobb cream on swift? Or would you just take it to the spa?
  10. my black kelly chamonix get scratches on it easily...does anyone know if these scratches can be buffed out...and also what about black bags??? I don't want my black comming out lighter!!!

    My brighton blue birkin clemence is so soft...I wonder if a spa treatment would straighten/stiffen it up...and I also don't want that comming back lighter!!!

    I can't wait to hear more feedback from people who had their bags done!!!
  11. no, for sure a spa treatment does not have any effect on the leather like stiffening. have no fear of that.
  12. No bag of mine has ever come back lighter. Fingers crossed that I haven't jinxed myself!
  13. I just sent my yellow clemence birkin to FSH after using it for 2 years straight(travelling)..they said should be ready in 2-3 weeks...mine is also very soft and slouchy..and the yellow is soo bright..i hope the color doesnt change!!!
    i just got a rose dragee swift..and im scared of using it when i wear dark colors..and i always put my bags on the floor :X