cardio or weight lifting or yoga?

  1. which is better to burn fat? i know cardio helps, but i like weight training more. will yoga help?
  2. IMO, a combination of cardio and moderate to heavy weight training, combined with a healthy diet, will get you the best results. Yoga is good for something different - you should mix up your workouts to avoid boredom and keep things interesting. Your diet is probably what will affect fat loss the most.

    For cardio, make sure you don't overdo it. It can be counterproductive :yes:
  3. definetely weight training! yoga only helps you to lengthen the muscle, so you won't look as muscular as if you're doing the weight training.
    actually to burn fan you need cardio but to increase the metabolism (which also play a major role for fat burning) you need to do weight training
  4. Muscles burn fat, so weight lifting. If you want to lose weight, try cardio
  5. Both cardio and weight training are important. Weight lifting builds muscle and continues to burn calories even after you finished weight lifting for the day. I am not a yoga fan, but I would think that is good for flexibility. I prefer to feel the sweat by doing more intensive cardio
  6. You actually should do both.
  7. I was actually taking a weight training class at 24 hour fitness the other day and the teacher talked about this!

    She said that a combo of both weight lifting and cardio is good, but weight training actually burns more calories in the long run, b/c your body will continue to burn calories even after your workout as your muscles continue to repair.

    (I hope I didn't butcher her explanation...I am by no means a fitness expert, so if anyone can clarify, please do so!)
  8. yeppun_1, i agree with you!
  9. I have been lifting weights and doing cardio for more than ten years. It has kept me fit but I noticed that I tend to bulk up making my look heavy. I started doing bikram yoga more than a year ago and have maintained my weight. I look as if I lost weight because I am leaner now. It really depends on what outcome you want, a strong muscular physique or a lean body. But both exercise regimen with a sensible diet help you lose weight and keep it off.
  10. Both cardio and weight training tend to increase your resting metabolism after exercising. Both exercises burn fat, but weight training burns mainly fat while cardio burns a combination of fat and body mass. So if your main goal is to lose weight, you should basically be doing both, but you should actually be doing cardio more often than weight training because only a few days of weight training per week is sufficient enough for you to meet your goals. Yoga is good if you would like to sculpt a lean body since it involves a lot of stretching. The exercises that are gonna make the most visible difference in your shape is the weight training and yoga. I say try to do all 3 exercises per week if you would like to see a big difference in your shape.