cardio + ab workouts???

  1. So I took the advice from you girls and began doing some cardio :smile: I've only been doing it for 3 days now and I also started doing some ab workouts afterwards. Do you think that's a bad idea? Should I wait to do ab workouts til after I lose some weight or it's good to be doing it at the same time? Just as a reminder, I'm a little below average weight already but I have some love handles. Also is it better to run before or after dinner?

    Thanks again girls :heart:
  2. Good for you on starting cardio!

    From what I've heard from my trainers, it isn't a bad idea to do both cardio and ad work. Ab work builds muscle and muscle helps to burn fat.

    As for running before or after dinner, thats kind of up to you. I personally run prior to eating but it really does depend on how you feel. If you do run after eating I would wait at least 20-30 min after eating so that the food can digest properly and you won't feel sick when your running.
  3. Its all personal preference. I have the most energy around 6 so taht would be before dinner. Just a reminder for you that you shouldnt be doing ab workouts everyday, because it is a muscle therefore it needs time to recover.

    Cardio and ab workouts at the same time are perfectly fine. Just make sure you are doing different type of ab workouts (upper, lower, obliques, and some back) though since it consists of various muscles.
  4. My trainers always have me do core work {abs} prior to weights or cardio, but yes, you can ALWAYS do core work:yes:
    I agree, its up to you on before or after dinner.
    I personally would eat a small snack, maybe a handful of almonds and run before dinner.
  5. That's what I was told yesterday, too. Core and other strength work before cardio.:tup:
  6. That's so strange because my old trainer never recommended that I start with core work. I always start with cardio!! So i've been doing it all wrong?? Thanks so much for the tips
  7. It doesn't really matter
    Some people recommend to do core work because it si intensive and takes up a lot of energy. So you can give it your fullest when its done in the beginning and cardio is something you can just do last bc it doesnt take much.
  8. ^:yes:
  9. Is not a bad idea at all. It doesnt matter what you do first as long as you do both.
  10. Thanks for the post! I've been wondering the same thing since I just started working out a little. good luck!
  11. ITA that it's a matter of personal preference. Me, I always start my workout with 15-30 mins cardio, followed by an hour of ab work, then finishes off with 10-15 mins cardio.
  12. I have to do cardio first...treadmill or elliptical machine just to get my blood going! Then, I do weights, crunches on the fitness ball, etc. I also grab almonds or a tiny wedge of cheese before I work out, as I like to hit the gym after work and have a later (light) dinner.
  13. I target my abs too.
    My coach had me doing heavy sets of ab weights every other days, 3 sets of the most weight you can lift till you can't lift anymore (5 - 10 count each set). These sets are often a count then hold for 3-5 secs before letting go.

    During the off days of heavy lifts, he had me do a "cardio form" of lifting; light weights with high repetitions (80 counts). Quick lifts no holding.

    My total weight training is still 5 - 6 days a week.
    Since my focus is on my abs, my abs and core muscles are targeted every sessions (but alternate heavy lifts and cardio lifts). He alternate working other muscles (the less focused muscles groups every other day so my body do not build up resistance to continue the weight loss mode.

    I also do 1 hr of cardio with my weight training daily.

    I have been losing a steady average of 1.5 lbs every week since I started the work-out sessions in mid-May 07' with normal eating at 2000 cal. Lost my love handles, and my flabs from my arms. My upper stomach is flat, still needs some work on my lower stomach.... then, I'm all good!