Cardholder vs card case?!

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  1. So in my last post i said i got a chanel card case! Well a week later i got a card case on a button closer from my mom as a present!
    The card case is way more roomy and convenient and i use it to store cash, random cards, change and keys but i also love the card holder which i would use for debit, visa, ID and other important stuff.
    Do i need both? Is the card case enough? Should i exchange the card holder for something else since i still have time to exchange it?
    Thank you in advance and if you have both in your collection let me know how you use the items!
    Thank god for this site.
  2. Anybody? :smile:
  3. I like to have options and split up my wallet so there is sufficient reason to keep both. For example, you can put your commonly used cards in the slim cardholder and then the other stuff in the card case. That's typically what I end up doing when I use a slim cardholder. It holds my ID, debit and cc. Then store cards, bandaids, stamps, misc stuff go into a separate case or zip pouch.

    Never such thing as too many designer SLG! There can always be a purpose.
  4. I have both styles and I switch them out regularly depending on the size of the bag I am carrying and what I need to put in them. I will even use both styles at once if I have extra cards, cash, change, etc. to carry since I do not use large wallets at all. Do I need both But I do use both styles. However, if you don't see yourself as the type to use both styles (either switching them out or using them together), you should exchange the card holder while you still can for something you will use.
  5. I have seen several different card cases and card holders in the Chanel boutique. I currently have both in my collection. I actually use the card holder in my smaller bags, like the woc. If you have a lot of credit cards, reward cards, or debit cards, I would purchase the card case with the button closer. I use the card case with the button closer in my small or medium size bags. Sometimes I even use both the card holder and card case in the same bag.

    I guess it really depends how many cards you want to bring with you on a daily basis and what type of bag you will be carrying. If it has been under two weeks, you should have time to exchange it if you want to. Since it seems you are having doubts about the card holder, you should get the card case with button since it is roomier. Good luck deciding and I hope this helps.
  6. I am currently going though the same thing, OP! I have the Chanel card holder with the snap closure and the regular slip card holder. I also just bought the LV Rosalie card case to put my cash and some rewards cards in. I also have a Goyard flap card holder and a gucci card slip holder. Too many, in my opinion! In reality, all my cards and cash will fit the Rosalie, and I have asked myself do I need all these cardholders? I would like to sell, but my husband keeps having to convince me to just keep them all since they are all in a variety of patterns and colors. Sorry I can't help you...
  7. Omg you are like my soul sister. At least your hubby is supportive and i agree different colours=more happiness. It really depends on if youre the type of person that switches bags and wallets often. Im for sure not. Im the kind of person that wears one thing until its tattered so i dont understand why i have so many cardholders.
    My thin card holder i wanted to use for important cards and the card case i would use for loyalty cards and keys and other odds and ends.
    I think i might just return both and get a big wallet instead. Its a quick fix to my problem and it can double as a clutch!
    I think that if you want to sell your card holders dont let hubby stop you. Do what makes you happy! My bf also told me to keep both card holders but im exchanging tomorrow for a big wallet and im super happy!
  8. Yes, we are soul sisters!!! I hardly change out wallets/card holders unless I am using a smaller/bigger bag and will just change out for that day. But usually I will just use one until it falls apart or starts showing wear. The problem with me is that I also have two full size wallets, so I don't need another one. My Goyard card holder is a year old now and have NEVER used it! Maybe I'm just a! :lol:
  9. You can never have to many designer small leather goods. Its practically a rule!
  10. Hi!
    I was also looking into the cardholder and card case with the button and I ended up getting the coin purse with the zip around it as it can fit cards, cash and coins :smile:
    I think the idea of just getting a big wallet is also a good idea, as long as you think you will use it. Be sure to show us the wallet you end up getting! :smile:
  11. For sure! :smile: ive never done an unveiling on TPF so this would be my first!
  12. card case for me!

  13. Hahaha, I agree! I have SLGs in different styles and colors and they're my (more) wallet-friendly indulgence.
    If you will be using both cardcase and cardholder, nothing wrong with having both imo.
  14. I have both, and both can be used concurrently. I use the cardholder to carry credit cards/other cards that I use most frequently and stick it in the back pocket of my bags for easy access. However, since I got one of those cardholders to stick on the back of my phone, I no longer use the Chanel one. lol.
  15. Hi Valentine, Sorry for this late timing but Can I ask if you don't mind? can you advice me what brand or where i can find the cardholders to stick on the back on my iPhone? I love chanel card case they're so cute but i really need convenience one that stick with iPhone ( hopefully keys can also be attached ) for my dairy errands especially carpool for my kids and grocery etc. Hope you can give me some good idea, Thanks so much!