Cardholder in Portland's Nordstroms

  1. Hi! My friend is driving down to Portland to go shopping with her discount at Nordstroms. I've been wanting a Chanel cardholder for the longest time but unfortunately I can't go with her.

    I'm willing to give her money to purchase something for me down there but I'm not sure which cardholders are in stock. Hopefully someone from Portland can fill me in?

    I recently found a cardholder that I liked in NY but I'm not sure if Portland will have it. Style # is A35299. If there are any other cardholders I'd love to know. Thanks so much! :heart:
  2. Hhm.. does that Nordstrom has a Chanel boutique? I don't think so, there is only a Chanel boutique at Saks over there in Portland. Last week when I was there, there were a few credit card holders. I'm not sure of the style number, you can call my SA Whitney at (503) 553-5354.
  3. Oh geez. Okay, for some reason I assumed that there would be a Chloe boutique there. Thanks!
  4. There will be one, but it doesn't open until next week.
  5. Yeah I heard it doesn't open until August 17th? All I know is, I'm gonna be there! =p
  6. tracy/chanelboy,
    which Nordstrom in portland that will carry chanel? only downtown or all nordstroms?? thx