Cardboard bottom

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just got my mono speedy 25. I was wondering what cardboard to use for the bottom to prevent sag. Do you just use cardboard that comes in a package box or have any of you gone to the hardware store to buy a sheet of cardboard? I was thinking maybe the hardware store had more sturdier cardboard than the ones with package boxes. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. I put a small coach catalog on the bottom of mine - fits perfectly
  3. Hey hey, me too ! :yahoo:

    (I've got a speedy 25 btw)
  4. I believe someone here said their husband cut a piece of plexi glass to size. Not a bad idea :smile:
  5. i second or third the coach idea. Ayla got me hooked on that :biggrin:
  6. o wow thats an great idea does anyone know what would be good for the 30 then?
  7. for my damier speedy, i bought red cardboard from officemax and cut it! it's PERFECT!
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