Card Slots on the Damier Snapped Billfold and Coin Purse?

  1. I was looking at the Damier Snapped Billfold and Coin Purse and it seems there is a difference in the number of card slots. Elux has the same wallet and it has 6 slots, while on the Louis Vuitton website has only 4 credit card slots. Do you guys know why? I got one eBay and mine has 6 slots. Thank you!!
  2. I bought mine a year ago and it has 6 slots.
  3. I just bougt one in Mono and it's 6 slots.
  4. Are you talking about the Zippy coin purse? If so mine has 2 card slots and then like a pocket behind those slots on both sides. Its such a nice wallet.
  5. maybe it's the old and new thing but website not updated :p. i believe LV has also increase the number of slots for french purse.
  6. mine was mono......but i used to have the super older version (now it's discontined) when i was in highschool....which didn't have any CC slot.

    then i got older and bought myself the newer verson years ago.....which had 4 cc slots. i used it and adored it....and gave it to my brother ----

    then they upgraded to 6cc slots while back, just like french purse!

    i LOVE this wallet --- but it's too bad that it's too small for my needs, i carry too much crap in my wallet!!! =D
    i know LV is trying to get rid of 4cc 'older' version SA told me so! lol
  7. oh... I see. the 6 card slot is the more recent one. Yeah, they should update the Louis Vuitton website then. I was confused, but you all cleared it up. Thank you so much!!! :yahoo: