Card lampshades with team gold lining?

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  1. Wondering if anyone can help, I ve been looking for cream lampshades lined in gold. ( they give out a much more pleasant light) or lined in pale pink? I need either cream or white exterior , and would you believe it I cannot find any in the whole of London. If you have any contacts or you know anyone good who custom makes please let me know.:smile:
  2. Try

    There is several coupons for them on

    If this isn't what you are looking for, let me know. Have a lamp that was custom ordered. It has a square black shade with a bronze lining. It was several seasons ago so not sure if they'd still be taking orders on these.
  3. Have you tried Christopher Wray?
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    The new collection by Nate Berkus for Target has a lampshade that fits your description. It's a round lampshade with a white exterior and it's completely lined in gold in the inside.

    I do see that you're in London however and if I remember correctly there is no Target in England correct? So if ordering from Target isn't feasible for you, I also found this website that has a similar product and they deliver in the UK :smile:
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    Thank you for your kind response dear ladies! That gives me some more places to check out. Otherwise will have to get them custom made, which is usually too expensive for me. Would love to check out the target link, but the link doesn't allow me access, any chance of someone posting a photo for me?
  6. Sorry about that, the link doesn't work anymore for me either. Weird -haha. But I uploaded a picture to this post.

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  7. :ty::ty: that is exactly, EXACTLY what I am after. And I really like the price too. It's the right shape and colour, just need to persuade them to post to me now...