Card Inside New Bag?

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  1. Call me, Vincent
  2. It comes with all bags!
  3. thanks...
  4. omg i love the bag in your avatar brick!!!
  5. My hubby saw that and said "Who the hell is Vincent!!??"
  6. who IS vincent? :confused1:
  7. Isn't that the funniest addition? It is so every girl always has a cute guy to call and if you actually call the number he answers!! I have not called him but I read a cute article somewhere about the cards.
  8. Lol:roflmfao:, my hubby would say the same thing if he found it in my bag.
  9. Vincent is hot..
  10. I've always wondered if Vincent is RM's beau, however i'm sure she wouldn't give him to us all to drool over. LOL

    Yea i think someone mentioned earlier that card goes with the whole morning after bag concept. Like waking up the next morning with a strangers card.... its creative. I like it!
  11. In that new article in Elle it actually mentions who her boyfriend is and it's not him. Her beau is the singer Gavin Bellour (formely of the Million Billion) though there is no pic but I know I would not want all of us bag crazed girls calling my honey, lol. I can see the questions now, like okay if you really know RM what are the new colors we haven't seen yet or how about new styles, hmmmm, lol. He is cute but I would be calling for inside bag info:upsidedown: