card holder... Monogram

  1. How many cards will this hold ? I just saw this in someones bag and thought maybe it would be a great idea compared to the koala change purse.

    Also can you buy extra covers ?

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. And, if anyone has it, is the plastic thick?

    Bag Festish, have you seen the Damier Card holder? Looks nice but elux doesn't have a pic of the interior. If I ever get to LV Boutique I plan on checking them both out.
  3. ^^ No i havent see it, let me check elux.
    Perhaps has an inside pic ?
  4. Are either of these it ?
    bus card holddr.jpg damier .jpg
  5. Hmmm...I didn't even think to look on the LV website...but yah, the top one is the one that I am considering. I guess I need to see it in person. I think the bottom pic may be too small.

    Thanks for the pics!!!!
  6. I have one and I love it! Yes, the plastic is pretty thick. Also the little rivet is actually a snap, so you can add or remove the sleeves as needed.

    Also, you can fit more than 2 cards in each sleeve, for example I use 1 sleeve for all 5 of my family's insurance cards.

    A very good deal for the price. IMHO :smile:
  7. I like the looks of it. I want one :sad:
  8. Yeah. The plastic is tick and clear.Moreover, you can ask for another set of plastic holder inside for free. I don't know this is the same in US but in Japan and UK it's free. ;)
  9. Do the cards slide out easily? I tend to lose things and I would just die if my CC fell out of the plastic sleeve!!!
  10. O h wow :nuts: that is awesome. I have those too so i wasnt wondering would i be using all of the inserts up just for that. Glad to hear you get more for your money.

    Do you have any idea how much the inserts are ?
  11. This was my first LV accessory, and I *LOVE* it! It comes with 6 of the plastic card holders (that are actually a little wider than the standard credit card size so you can pull things out easily). For $125 US it's an awesome deal! Plus like twinkle.tink said, the snap makes it easy to add or take out cards without pulling them out of the plastic.
  12. I have this same wallet. I don't reccommend putting more than one card in each sleeve. Doing that, causes the sleeves to strech and allows your cards to fall out more easily. Also, it causes the button to snap off more easliy, and everyhing falls out. At the most, you can fit one extra card (2 is pushing it) with the seven sleeves that are supplied.
  13. ^^^hmm, I have never had a problem at all :smile:

    But I actually found it worked better, with more cards in the sleeves and less sleeves.
  14. Bag Fetish, if you search some of my past started threads (maybe even in Visual Aids...I'm not sure) I do have pics of the CC holder and an explanation in there...

    Yes, you can buy extra sleeves, but I think the 7 included with the cover is sufficient. I'm not sure how much they are...but I don't think it's worth it...just try putting two cards in one sleeve instead.

    I have one card each in the first four and the last sleeve, and two cards each in the 5th and 6th sleeve. I can probably fit one more...but I'd have great difficulties pulling the cards out.
    I have not had any problems with my cards falling out...but the button popping off may be an issue if you put too many cards inside.

    I love this piece, probably the third most practical after the Accordeon and the cles in my collection :heart:

    And yes, I agree that it's a DEAL for $125 US...
  15. does it come in Damier?