Card holder AND flap wallet?

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  1. hello!

    I would like your opinions. Is it necessary to get both the card holder and a flap wallet? I'm currently here in Europe and the price is almost too good to pass up. Unfortunately, my budget is about $1200 so no purses for me.

    I originally came for the card holder and finally found it! I was looking at the flap wallet and my husband said he will get it for miss well. I wanted the card holder for the classic medium flap. I can use the flap wallet for all other bags... I can also use the card holder for other bags too.

    Those who have or want both.. What are your thoughts in having both? Should I buy the flap as a backup? I won't be in Europe for a long time..
    I value your thoughts!
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  2. If you like both and can afford both get them,
  3. get both!!! i would take advantage of the great prices in europe and grab what u can woman!!! :lol: this would be me at Chanel in any european country: :panic::panic::panic: bc i would be buying so much stuff my credit card would literally explode.
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  4. If you can afford both, I would absolutely get both. They will be nice memories from Europe and if down the road you don't care for one, you can always resell it.
    I bought a WOC in Paris and because I bought it there, it holds a very special place in my heart. Enjoy your trip!
  5. Get both maybe in different color! Not only it's cheaper in Europe, they have more selections too. Take advantage of it!
  6. ha ha ha! So true!
  7. Agree agree agree. If you can swing it, do both. For the memories, selection, and because the exchange rate is great right now. With the VAT return, you'll definitely come out ahead. Can't wait to see what you decide on. Enjoy the experience!!
  8. I say if you love the wallet, get it in a different color/leather combo. however if you're just trying to take advantage of the European pricing and not necessarily in love with the particular wallet, then would you consider the beautiful lambskin cosmetics case or other larger pouches that are still perhaps in the price range? the reason is that you can likely use that for multipurpose - larger storage wallet like, plus clutch-ish...? :smile: it's quite elegant and stunning as I've seen it in person and took a lot of will power. I don't like taking all my cards and stuff out of my card case so the likelihood of myself switching wallet for bags is minimal so I instinctively wont buy 2 and would likely look at belts or other goods in price range beside the card case, but that's just me due to my "walleting" practice/preferences! :lol:
  9. Thanks ladies! I have decide to get both but the wallet in blue! :smile:
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  10. Excellent plan! Enjoy