Card from SA-

  1. I just got my mail today and I received a LV card wishing me a happy new year from my SA at LV!! I was thrilled because this is my first personal communication from him.:yahoo:
    Sorry, I had to share because I was so excited and my dh doesn't really understand. But I knew you all would!:love:
  2. Awww... what a sweet SA! ;)

  3. Congrats!! I love getting little cards from them..such a nice surprise!
  4. That was very sweet, what a nice surprise.
  5. How nice.....
  6. That's a very sweet gesture.
  7. i need an sa!!
  8. That is awesome! I would be really psyched too. Don't worry- we understand ;)
  9. Thanks for listening, none of my friends would care at all if I told them! But here, I feel loved :love: thanks everyone. Its so nice to have somewhere to share my love for LV!
  10. Yes it's so nice isn't it I get Christmas cards from mine & it always brightens my day. Just a litte touch of appreciation in fact I must start sending her one as she is so good to me I felt so bad that I hadn't thought of it before!
  11. I got a happy new year card, too. I must admit, I get little goosebumps when I get the mail and see LV as a return sender.
  12. It is a nice appreciation of your custom & very good marketing, the boutiques that send me cards & things I will always go back to first! I like to be valued :smile:
  13. Share ur joy ....such a nice SA
  14. What a thoughtful SA. That´s great.