Card from SA + Phone Call

  1. Hi all,

    Just got the New Year card from my SA :smile: So I thought I'd give him a call and say hi and chat. The denim patchwork speedy is definetly $1890 and so I took myself off the list....I'd rather pay an extra bit of money and get a SuhalI!
    I am still on the list for the Dentelle speedy....and my store is a Saks LV so he is hoping that he'll get a shipment in time for the launch. He had recommended before that I waitlist at michigan Ave. too and I did...and I told him I really wanted to only buy from him (I have problems with michigan Ave. store) and he assured me it was fine...that I should only worry about getting the bag (and that I could always return it if he got one in a couple days later....which I would go through the trouble to do since I really like him)!

    He's also trying to convince me to buy something pomme d'amour...I told him I'll be in town around 2/20 to pick up Dentelle so we'll see what happens.

    Oh yea...and Dentelle is still holding strong at $1290 for the speedy.

    I mentioned the price increase and we were laughing because I said "I know you're not really allowed to confirm it" and he laughed and said he really hasn't heard anything yet, and normally he would have if it was a 2/1 increase. So we shall see!

    32 days to go on my stupid ban!
  2. So nice to have a SA you can talk to. I don't understand why when I call the boutique it seems like I'm calling 866 instead.
    Thank you for the heads up, twiggers! Hang in there!
  3. ooh that sucks about the speedy I think it's a little too pricey for denim but I think I'll stay on the list just in case I change my mind.
  4. Yea...when he's not in that is what it feels like...I always just call back when he's there....he is sooooo nice! We were on the phone for about 25 minutes!
  5. that dentelle is expensive... but it looks great!
  6. I envy you your lovely SA. The ones here make it seem like it's an inconvenience/nuisance when I call for info,unfortunately
    we don't have lots of LV stores to choose from.
  7. awww that's too bad slayer! When I called it was funny because he said to me "hold on...I'll grab the Book" LOL I don't even have to use my last name either (well my name isn't too common anyways). I'm so glad I FINALLY found a great SA!
  8. It's right around the Miroir price....and depending on how intricate the lacework isn't that bad.
  9. Is Franklyn your SA? He's the greatest!!
  10. i spoke to my SA today too! she is the sweetest! i called to see if my heatstamping is ready and she said calling me was on her to do list for today! lol. i was really looking forward to going in tonight but the stuff wasn't ready. but we still chatted. i told her how i was liking the azur and she is going to let me know if they get any in. she gave me the background to the color... omg i love chatting with her. i am such a dork.

    yay for your sweet SA and nice card!
  11. ür SA is so nice!!!!
  12. Hi rbm...yes he is! I LOVE him! I was using Joel, but then he moved out to the 'burbs...and since I'm from Indiana...driving to the 'burbs is too far.
  13. He knows everything and is so gentle. I like the Saks much better than Michigan Ave. too. I live up north so Northbrook Court gets most of my business.
  14. Thanks for the update!
  15. I much prefer Saks over Michigan Ave as well! Quieter, nicer SAs, and there stock is usually pretty good. Only once they didn't have what I wanted (Groom bandeau)....I think their LE stock is quite limited compared to the bigger stores...and no parties...but oh well!