Carbohydrate Addict's Diet

  1. I'm not sure if there is a thread on this topic, I'm not sure how to check. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had done/is doing the Carbohydrate Addict's diet? I started a week ago yesterday, and so far I have lost 5.5 lbs! :woohoo: I haven't been averaging my weight like it says to. I dont' have a scale in my apartment; I can only weigh once a week when I go to my Ma's. This diet seems way tooo good to be true if I am doing it right! This is the longest I have ever been able to stay on a diet in my life! If anyone has done this diet, how much did you lose the first couple weeks, how much did you lose overall, and how long did it take you to get to your goal weight? I want to lose about 30 pounds, by May for my bf's cousin's college grad! I'm hoping this goal is reachable!
  2. I've never heard of it... What is it?
  3. Me too! What is this?
  4. i SWEAR BY THIS!!

    This is a diet developed by a husband/wife team of doctors. You do NOT deprive yourself of anything. Rather, you save your carbs/sugars for one "reward" meal, which is usually dinner. The other two meals are low/no carb.

    There is a quiz to see to what degree you might be a carb addict. I fit this to a "T." A few years ago I would have cereal & skim milk, whole wheat toast (no butter) and apple juice for breakfast. Sounds healthy? Well, by lunch I was ravenous. I'd have a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, no mayo. Still hungry. Then I'd pig out at dinner.

    Turns out I was eating carbs throughout the day and my body never got the "full" feeling. So, by switching to only having carbs at one meal and finishing that meal within an hour, I was able to drop a lot of weight.

    I just can't say enough about this diet. You can still eat whatever you wish; you just have to time it to a certain time of day.
  5. congrats, kmarie! I would strongly recommend starting the weekly weight averages as they suggest. You are off to a great start, but 1-2 lbs a week is a better slower pace overall. By taking your weekly averages of weight & plotting them you'll get a great snapshot of your progress and won't be discouraged if your weight happens to creep up a pound or two on any given day.

    It took me about 5 months to reach my goal weight (30 lbs lost). I did it very slowly b/c I wanted it to last. :tup:

    Keep up the great work and don't get discouraged if your weight loss slows from 5.5 lbs per week. That's just your body readjusting to the new eating plan. Keep with it and you will continue to lose more if you want to.
  6. ^^:tup:thanks for that wbsite, I did the test and I was in the extremely addicted category..the fact that I am asian and white rice is my staple certainly makes it so.
    can u tell me how to start? do we need to buy and just read the books?

    I am embarassed to tell that I am a bit confused on starting this!
  7. I think I need to find out more about this... I know I'm a carb addict and my menus are not really bad at all! Even when I go the gym regularly- it has been a long time though, I don't really drop weight, I kind of just tone a bit. Yes, so what books are good, etc.?
  8. I'm a bored eater on the quiz. :amuse: I exercise about 5 days out of 7 and my metabolism is still very fast. I've been a size 0 ever since I was a freshman in high school!
  9. Don't be embarassed to ask! I wasn't really sure either when I started. My mom actually had the book so she gave it to me. The book if full of motivating stories and tips; however, I don't think you necessarily have to buy it I would just read though it and really concentrate on the list of what you can/can't eat for two meals of the day.

    I will tell you how/ what I did to start it. For breakfast on my first day I had two scrambled eggs, and three sausage links, and 12 oz of water. For lunch I had two boiled hotdogs, and a small caesar sald water. For my reward dinner I had, grilled chicken breast, broccoli & cheese, butter noodles, water, and pudding for dessert. The key to the reward dinner, is you have to eat everything in proportions, and in 60 mins. The book kinda tells you to think of your plate as a pie chart, make sure that 1/3 of it is carbs, 1/3 of it is vegetables and 1/3 of it is meat. You can even have second helpings of the food, but just make sure you take seconds of everything. So that means you can't have seconds of the high carb foods, without the vegetables and meat. I eat the dessert with my meal so it is all gone within the 60 mins.

    * the book also says that you should not chew gum! chewing gum makes your body release more insulin that gives you the hunger feeling. I didn't believe this at first so I was chewing gum the other day, and let me tell you I was starving in about 15 minutes.

    I hope this helps you start!
  10. THanks!:tup:
    so which book did you start with? did your mom got it on their website or she bought it locally?

    thanks a bunch:flowers:
  11. This is the primary one...all the basics you need for just $8 on!

    Very easy & quick reading! I highly recommend starting here.
  12. a bit confused, does this diet really work for everyone or just people that overeat because they eat to much carbs?

    i skimmed the site and to me, i think its saying that the reason why we are gaining weight/not losing weight is because we over eat because of all the carbs we consume?

    but what happens if we do eat carbs throughout the day but do not overeat? cause i personally eat carbs throughout the day but i never overeat and stuff, and i never gained weight.

    so would this work for me?
  13. Great questions! From what I have read, not everyone has a carb addiction. The website has a quiz to determine about where you might fall on the spectrum.

    Eating carbs throughout the day is pretty common for most people. However, for some, we don't ever get that 'full' feeling, meaning the feeling that it's time to stop eating. This means we can have a tendency to overreat throughout the day and end up gaining weight. Carbs, according to this website, are a trigger for overreating if they are consumed throughout the day rather than at one meal with a 60 minute completion timeframe. Focusing your carb intake on one meal within one hour means you don't deprive your body of essential carbs and WILL get that 'full' feeling where you know it's time to stop.
  14. Hm this sounds kind of neat. I'm a carbaholic myself, although I have started to cut out unrefined carbs and white sugars. I've noticed a difference in my energy level for sure, not sure about the weight part considering I'm not really trying to lose.