carb diets?

  1. is this a dream only, or a reality?

    anyone know of any carb diets that work?
  2. This is a possible duplicate post for me, but I swear by the carbohydrate addict's diet. The Carbohydrate Addict's Official Home Page

    You eat two low-carb meals a day and then have a 'reward' meal (which is usually dinner) where you can eat anything you want - carbs and all - as long as you finish the meal within an hour.

    The idea is that eating carbs throughout the day, for some of us, doesn't satisfy us. We never feel full and keep eating, thus gaining weight. Concentrating all your carbs into one meal doesn't deprive your body of what it needs (yes we do need carbs!) and finishing it within an hour also makes sure you stop but have enough time to enjoy your meal.

    It isn't for everyone - there's a quiz to see where you fall in the spectrum. I LOVE food and there was no way I was going to deprive myself of what I love, including pasta, bread, ice cream, you name it. Sure I control my portions but on this diet I finally cut my hunger cravings throughout the day and, along with regular exercise, dropped 35 lbs in 6 months (and yes, I have kept them off!) :yahoo:
  3. A really interesting book on low-carb is The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford. It's an eye-opener and his recipes are FANTASTIC!
  4. My mom tried one of those.. and it worked.. she's a hot mama and now she fits into all my jeans.... this is going from a size 10/12 to a size 4/6.

    i think she ate only one really big meal (which was lunch) and then two small meals.. she doesn't even work out.. I hope i look like her when i get to that age!
  5. Its called excercise and eating in moderation! ; )
  6. Amen! :nuts:
  7. ^ I don't think that was the question girls.;)
  8. lol i know its exercise and moderation, thats how i started getting through school before my injury, when i was on the track team. so i know all about that, im just wondering if theres a method of being able to eat carbs while i sculpt. this occured almost a year and a half ago, so since then i've gotten a bit flabby and wanted to nip this in the bud before hand.

    thanks danica : )
  9. I hope there are some out there...and I hope South Beach is one of them...except for the first two stages, it's more of a life style than a diet...but Phase I (which is SO a horrible horrible diet :censor: ) may take off 8-14 lbs in two weeks.....

    My dr. did some blood work and I'm insulin resistant or something like that and well, heavy (no he didn't need blood work to see that :P )...and this is the best way for me to helps lose belly fat too...exercise also reduced insulin resistence...After I reach my goal weight, I'm just going to try to be MODERATE and smart...Best of luck to you...:tender: