Caravane- Yeah or Nay

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  1. Ok, delayed gratification has never been a strong point with me. So being new to the luxury handbag world, I can't wait to actually own one!! I was browsing this morning and came across a small Caravane on Bluefly for $1400. It looks great, but am I selling my self short by not waiting and saving 5 years for a Kelly or Birkin. $1400 is nothing to take lightly so I want something I can use. I am a corporate accountant and married w/ no kids (except for the kitties). Is it too casual. Sorry for the rambling, but I wanted to give the whole picture. Thanks for your help

  2. By all means get it if you like it. But it certainly does not mean it will make you stop lusting after a Kelly or Birkin. (you have been warned :lol: )
  3. Have you checked the Caravane in canvas and leather combo too?
    I think they are a good deal. Cost about USD 800.
  4. Might I humbly recommend the Garden Party instead? It's along the same lines but a bit more luxe. Also hovers around the same price and you could get one from the H boutique! They have gorgeous canvas/leather combos in neutrals and bright colors, too. Do a search here for pics and info!
  5. I'm about 4 hrs from the closest store (in Atlanta). Are there any other reputable websites out there, other than Bluefly. I'm a little nervous about eBay due to all of the negative things thatI have herad about them.
  6. Kathryn2007,

    The following is TOTALLY my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

    I think that some of the H stores are better about working with a first-time, phone order customer. I believe KallieGirl posted a thread about getting her evelyne. She contacted Atlanta and Dallas, but I'm not sure which of the boutiques sent great photos and really went out of the way for her?

    Greentea's idea, the Garden Party, is so pretty and feminine. Off the top of my head, I know LaVanguardia and Amandakmc have posted photos of themselves wearing beautiful, dressy/casual/fun outfits with the GP as their handbag, and they look fantastic.

    If the Caravane sings to you, get it. If it sings to you more because it seems like an easy, entry-level H bag, then there are more possibilities in the price range, and plenty of ways around the 4 hour distance from an H store.

    The Picotin is cute too.

  7. before you rush into anything, tell us a little more about what you're looking for so we can help you figure out your options. for example, i'm guessing that you saw the garden party bags on bluefly and they didn't appeal to you as much as the caravane -- because they're not all leather?

    fwiw, this is what i would get with a budget in your range:
    [​IMG] designer accessories at a fraction of the price.
  8. I agree with everything said. The Caravane is a great workhorse. However, the Garden Party can be a great workhorse AND look chic. The Picotin that DQ suggests is also wonderful, but not really a workhorse.
    Then there's the Evelyne which is also more or less in that pricerange.
    Then you could consider buying a preowned/vintage Kelly which will cost you a bit more but you wouldn't have to wait as long as for a new one.
  9. Wow that's truly a great bag for an unbelievable price!
  10. Goegeous briefcase, isn't it? I saw that one :yes:

    Don't settle. Save up. Have you ever had a plan for something luxury you wanted to own? Make one. Then use one of the reputable sellers recommended here, and get a gently used pre-owned.

    It won't be easy, but you'll cherish it always. Cheers! :yes:
  11. I would get it only if you really like it. If not, you should save that money towards a Kelly, Birkin or Bolide. If you're looking for a classic H bag that will last you a lifetime, I think one of those will fill your heart with joy. I think it's personally better to buy one classic bag than to spend money on an okay bag that you might not really care for in a year or two.
  12. Hi, I got wonderful telephone service from both Dallas and Atlanta. They were beyond fabulous! I ended up buying from Atlanta but both sent pictures and were so helpful! Dallas gives you 10 days to make a final decision, which I think is great. Atlanta only gives 48 hours.