Caravan - 50% Off All Merchandise On Cyber Monday

  1. Wow--there are some beautiful bags by a designed named Malene Birger there. This would be $332 something: tn_ByMaleneBirgerMaissaBagfront.jpg.jpeg . There's another very big satchel one that might be a good carryall for work stuff, gym stuff, lunch, etc.

    Bagchondriac, thanks for all your posts.
  2. Couldn't find anything I liked but thankyou for sharing ! 50% is an awesome discount.
  3. You are most welcome! Wow...I didn't see those handbags when I first looked over their site...thanks for pointing them out. They are really cute, but I am so trying to keep to my 'purse ban' until the first of the year. I did sin this week after Revolve reduced their Gustto Parina in navy....just couldn't help myself!!

    This designer is new to me....but her bags are cute. I wonder what they look like IRL.