carat weight of your diamond studs

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  1. i was just wondering what carat weight are everyones diamond studs?? and if you have multiple pairs of diamond studs and have upgraded over time.. what carat weight do you find yourself wearing the most often now??
  2. Ever since I've been wearing diamond studs - which has been quite a few years now - I've considered myself the 'queen of trade-up'.......finally have the pair that will be in my ears forever.......4.15 twt H/SI1. Love them, wear them everyday.
  3. WOW 4.15! that's amazing!! can we see a ear shot?? pretty please??!
  4. If I ever figure out 'how' exactly to do that, I'd be happy to oblige.:biggrin:
  5. I started at .25 each, got a slight upgrade last year to .50 each..

    specs are
    E colour
    round brilliant

    I wear them everyday
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    mine are .52 each (tdw just over 1.0ct),
    specs: round brilliant cut, G colour, VVS1

    i used to wear .25 each (tdw 0.5ct) that my mom gave me as part of my 17th b'day gift. they used to be hers when she was younger. so, now i've kept the smaller one to give to my daughter when she's older.:biggrin:
  7. I wear 1.35 ctw every day.
  8. I wear a pair of 2cttw and 1 cttw in each ear, everyday.
  9. My studs are 1.33ctw set in white gold. I also have a .40ctw set in yellow gold that I use for working out and other sports.
  10. Ditto :smile: I love them, never wear anything else.
  11. I wear 2.50cttw set in platinum everyday. They sit in a crown that has diamonds going around the bezel but not sure of the bezel cttw. I never take them off.
  12. I wear 1ctw pair and .40ctw pair, but not everyday. I have a few pair of hoops I wear more often.
  13. Mine are 4.02 ctw, set in platinum, champagne glass shape mounting. They are color G and VS1. I love them, and wear them nearly every day. One of them was my original engagement ring.
  14. ^would love to see the setting! Could you snap a profile pic?
  15. 1.0 ctw
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